RFF Project

Reforming Institutions and Managing Extremes: US Policy Approaches for Adapting to a Changing Climate

RFF experts examined the effects of a changing climate on ecosystems, freshwater, agriculture, human health, and infrastructure, and provided recommendations for the federal government to address those impacts.

Climate change will impact cities and landscapes in different ways across the United States, and these impacts will go beyond state and local boundaries.  What is the federal government’s role in navigating a changing climate? To date, little research has addressed the important issues that must inform the federal government’s approach to adapting to a changing climate.

RFF experts synthesized scientific understanding of the effects of a changing climate on terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecosystems, freshwater resources, agriculture, human health, and infrastructure and examined the strategies that might be employed to cope with and reduce these impacts.

The summary report contains key findings, as well as a general overview of the challenges, processes, and issues: