The Effect of Standards for New Vehicle Fuel Economy and GHG Emissions on US Consumers

US federal regulations aim to increase the fuel economy of new automobiles and reduce their GHG emissions. How do the standards affect vehicle consumers?

Is the Future Now? Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Consumer Demand

How much are people willing to pay for self-driving cars? RFF’s Benjamin Leard discusses his work on consumer demand for autonomous vehicles and the potential implications for society of wider adoption of these new technologies.

North American Energy Outlook: Capitalizing on Cross-Border Collaboration

How can Canada, Mexico, and the United States maximize the benefits of further cooperating on key environmental and fiscal policy areas related to oil and gas development across the continent?

Designing State Policies to Complement US Federal Standards for Vehicle GHG Emissions

If carefully designed, state policies can complement federal measures to help achieve a cleaner vehicle fleet and more efficient transportation system.

The Next Big Thing in Carbon Markets? RGGI to Implement an Emissions Containment Reserve

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative plans to implement an innovative new mechanism to help reduce price volatility in the market for emissions allowances.

Challenges to Reducing Air Pollution in China amid Economic Slowdown

China faces complex challenges to reduce air pollution while still promoting economic growth. No simple solution exists—but policy reforms to reduce excess capacity and get prices right can help in both the near and long terms.

The Strategic Costs of Carbon Emissions: Global versus Domestic Policy Considerations

Reconciling domestic and global estimates of the social cost of carbon will be a necessary challenge to construct effective climate policy, especially to the extent that other countries look to the United States for climate leadership.

Climate Change: Might Present Harm Improve Policy Prospects?

If climate change harms those living today, enacting policy to address it may be more likely.

Integrated Outlooks for Energy, Transportation, and Climate Policy

RFF experts assess the prospects for harmonizing energy policy across North America, examine US federal standards and state policies for new vehicle emissions and fuel economy, consider the future of self-driving cars, and more.