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Goings On

Jun 8, 2012

Invasive Species
March 7
At the March First Wednesday Seminar, RFF Fellow Rebecca EpanchinNiell and Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow Roger Cooke participated in a panel discussion on the effects and management challenges of invasive species.

Convening Thought Leaders

Carbon in Megacities
January 13
At a special breakfast for RFF donors in New York, Vice President for Research Molly Macauley presented the early findings from a pilot project to monitor the carbon footprints of Los Angeles and Paris with a variety of remote-sensing technologies.

Energy and Transportation Policy
February 23
Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Energy Economics and Policy Alan Krupnick presented recent research on shale gas and transportation infrastructure at a special event hosted by the Shell Oil Company.

Biomass Emissions
March 1
Roger Sedjo, senior fellow and director of the Center for Forest Economics and Policy, presented his research findings at an RFF seminar, “How Carbon Neutral Is Bioenergy?”

Pricing Carbon and Balancing the Budget
March 28
RFF President Phil Sharp and Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Climate and Electricity Policy Ray Kopp co-hosted a special event in conjunction with Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and the Natural Resources Defense Council to examine the economic and policy considerations of a carbon tax.

Green Infrastructure
April 4
Visiting Scholar and Co-Director of RFF’s Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth (CMEW) Lynn Scarlett, Resident Scholar Len Shabman, and Thomas J. Klutznick Senior Fellow and Research Director Margaret Walls discussed the benefits of using “green infrastructure” to reduce flood damages at the April First Wednesday Seminar, sponsored by CMEW.

Building Partnerships

Efficient Water Policies
January 12
Fellow Sheila Olmstead spoke about the pricing, markets, and regulation of efficient water policies at a Hudson Institute Conference on the connections among energy, water, and debt.

Green Transportation
January 24
Alan Krupnick, senior fellow and director of the Center for Energy Economics and Policy, discussed how changing public attitudes are accelerating the demand for more environmentally sustainable automobiles at a panel on “The Role of the Auto Industry in the Green Economy” hosted by National Journal.

Water Conservation and Fire Suppression
February 2–3
Fellow Sheila Olmstead presented at the University of Virginia Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy on water conservation policy as well as fire suppression and land use.

Natural Gas in Developing Countries
February 24
Fellow Lucija Muehlenbachs participated in the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Network Forum 2012, joining a panel discussion on the potential benefits of liquefied natural gas and unconventional gas supplies in developing countries.

Green Economic Growth
February 29
Senior Fellow Richard Morgenstern and Lynn Scarlett, a visiting scholar and co-director of the Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth, gave keynote speeches on green economic growth at the 50th Annual Winter Institute at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

CERAWeek 2012
March 7
RFF President Phil Sharp spoke about U.S. climate policy, clean energy, and the future of nuclear energy at Cambridge Energy Research Associates’ 31st Annual Executive Conference in Houston.

Policy Analysis of Land and Housing Markets
March 13
Senior Fellow Virginia McConnell and RFF Research Director and Thomas J. Klutznick Senior Fellow Margaret Walls presented an economic model of housing and land markets used to evaluate alternative land-use and anti-sprawl policies at Johns Hopkins University.

Biomass in Congress
April 12–13
Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Forest Economics and Policy Roger Sedjo presented his findings on the carbon emissions of biomass at briefings to the House and Senate Biomass Caucuses, sponsored by the Society of American Foresters.

Environmental Services from Agriculture
April 17–18
This conference, organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, in collaboration with the Farm Foundation and RFF, examined ways to improve payments for environmental services to farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners.