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Goings On: Highlights of RFF's Recent Contributions to Shaping Environmental Policy

Sep 10, 2013
A North American Approach to Climate Change
In this RFF Policy Leadership Forum on May 22, Yves-François Blanchet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife, and Parks of Quebec, discussed how Quebec and California are progressively linking their carbon markets.

Convening Thought Leaders

Tax Reform and Climate Policy
February 27
RFF's Center for Climate and Electricity Policy and the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund convened a panel of leading economic experts in fiscal and environmental policy to discuss the role a carbon tax might play in coming debates about how to reform the US tax code.

Environmental Leaders
March 27
RFF partnered with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment to host a workshop at DC Boot Camp 2013, part of the Stanford woods Rising Environmental Leaders Program. RFF's Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow Molly Macauley and Pete Nelson, RFF's director of communications, moderated sessions on the role of think tanks in policymaking and researcher collaborations with nongovernmental organizations.

Limits to Ingenuity
May 6
This special event, moderated by RFF Senior Fellow and Co-Director of RFF's Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth James Boyd and co-hosted with the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, tackled two questions: Can we "substitute" our way out of ecological problems and losses? And are there limits to ingenuity? A panel of historians, ecologists, economists, psychologists, and entrepreneurs attempted to answer those questions.

Ice Sheets on the Move
June 12
RFF's June First Wednesday Seminar explored the impact of melting ice sheets and rising sea levels. Panelists discussed the state of climate science, methods for quantifying uncertainty, and the potential consequences of abrupt sea-level rise.

The Impacts of a Carbon Tax
June 26
RFF researchers revealed results from a new model of the US economy that analyzes the economic, distributional, and environmental impacts of a federal carbon tax for current and future generations.

Understanding the Risks of Shale Gas
June 27
Researchers in RFF's Center for Energy Economics and Policy presented the results of their multifaceted, multiyear research initiative to survey experts and the public to identify priority risks of shale gas development and assess regulatory frameworks at the state level.

Engaging with Policymakers

Energy Efficiency
March 11
In a briefing at the US Capitol Visitors Center hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy and United Technologies, RFF Research Director and Senior Fellow Karen Palmer discussed the opportunities for and challenges of promoting energy efficiency in buildings.

Climate Policy in California
May 16
RFF Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow Dallas Burtraw testified before the California State Senate Select Committee on Climate Change and AB 32 Implementation on California's leadership in climate policy.

Building Partnerships

National Parks
March 19
RFF Visiting Scholar and Co-Director of RFF's Center for the Mangement of Ecological Wealth Lynn Scarlett explored how to build sustainable funding models for US national parks at an event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Living Sustainably
April 15
In a live video chat for the Wall Street Journal's segment "The Experts: Energy," RFF Research Director and Senior Fellow Margaret Walls—along with actor Ed Begley, Jr., and the Alliance to Save Energy's Kateri Callahan—discussed the challenges of "living green."

Climate Adaptation
April 29
At the Milken Institute, RFF Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow Molly Macauley, along with representatives from the Environmental Defense Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, and others, discussed how to manage the risks from global warming.

Environmental Regulations and the Economy
May 13
RFF University Fellow William Pizer and Senior Fellow Richard Morgenstern presented at the 38th Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science Forum on Science and Technology Policy on how environmental regulations affect the economy and jobs.