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Roger M. Cooke
Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow
Roger Cooke joined Resources for the Future in September 2005 as the first appointee to the Chauncey Starr Chair in Risk Analysis. His research has widely influenced risk assessment methodology, particularly in the areas of expert judgment and uncertainty analysis. He is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on mathematical modeling of risk and uncertainty. His recent research has encompassed health risks from oil fires in Kuwait following the first Gulf War, chemical weapons disposal, nuclear risk, nitrogen oxide emissions, and microbiological risk. His current research interests include structured expert judgment methodologies and uncertainty analysis, and his work focuses on the implementation of uncertainty analysis in policy-related decisionmaking.  
Featured Publications
Uncertainty Analysis Comes to Integrated Assessment Models for Climate Change...and Conversely
Roger M. Cooke
Climatic Change | April 2013 | Vol. 117, Issue 3 | 467-479
Fat-Tailed Distributions: Data, Diagnostics, and Dependence
Roger M. Cooke, Daan Nieboer, Jolanta Misiewicz
RFF Discussion Paper 11-19-REV | September 2011
The Unholy Trinity: Fat Tails, Tail Dependence, and Micro-Correlations
Carolyn Kousky, Roger M. Cooke
RFF Discussion Paper 09-36-REV | November 2009
Model uncertainty in economic impacts of climate change: Bernoulli versus Lotka Volterra dynamics
Roger M. cooke
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management | January 2013 | Vol. 9, Issue 1 | pp. 2-6
The Limits of Securitization: Micro-correlations, Fat Tails and Tail Dependence
C. Kousky and R.M. Cooke
Rethinking Risk Measurement and Reporting: Volume I | Klaus Boecker (ed) | London: Risk Books | 2011
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