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Economic Analyses at EPA
Richard D. Morgenstern, Editor
1997 /496 pages
paperback, ISBN 0-915707-83-7 / $38.95
Table of Contents
Paul R. Portney

Richard D. Morgenstern

1. Introduction to Economic Analyses at EPA
Richard D. Morgenstern

2. The Legal and Institutional Setting for Economic Analysis at EPA
Richard D. Morgenstern

3. Conducting an Economic Analysis: Rationale, Issues, and Requirements
Richard D. Morgenstern

4. Lead in Gasoline
Albert L. Nichols

5. Water Pollution and the Organic Chemicals Industry
Peter Caulkins and Stuart Sessions

6. Stratospheric-Ozone Depletion
James K. Hammitt

7. Asbestos
Christine M. Augustyniak

8. Lead in Drinking Water
Ronnie Levin

9. Municipal Landfill Management
Sara Rasmussen

10.Visibility at the Grand Canyon and the Navajo Generating Station
Leland Deck

11. Agricultural Pesticides and Worker Protection
Louis P. True Jr.

12. Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance
Todd Ramsden

13. Municipal Sewage Sludge Management
Mahesh Podar, Susan Burris, and Robert S. Raucher

14. Reformulated Gasoline
Robert C. Anderson and Richard A. Rykowski

15. Great Lakes Water Quality Guidance
Eloise Trabka Castillo, Mark L. Morris, and Robert S. Raucher

16. Economic Analysis: Benefits, Costs, Implications
Richard D. Morgenstern and Marc K. Landy
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