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Bain, Joe S., Caves, Richard E., Margolis, JuliusNorthern California's Water IndustryPolicy and Analysis, Water
Barker, Randolph, Herdt, Robert W., Rose, BethThe Rice Economy of AsiaPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Barkley, Paul W., Weber, Bruce A., Wu, JunJieFrontiers in Resource and Rural EconomicsDevelopment and Environment, Energy, Land Use
Barnes, Douglas F., Krutilla, Kerry, Hyde, William F.The Urban Household Energy TransitionElectricity, Energy, Land Use, Development and Environment, Climate, Air Quality, Policy and Analysis
Barnes, Douglas F.The Challenge of Rural ElectrificationElectricity, Energy, Development and Environment
Barnett, Harold J., Morse, ChandlerScarcity and GrowthFood and Agriculture, Forests, Energy, Water
Bower, Blair T., Barré, Rémi, Kuhner, Jochen, Russell, Clifford S.Incentives in Water Quality ManagementWater, Policy and Analysis
Basta, Daniel J., Bower, Blair T.Analyzing Natural SystemsWaste Management
Basta, Daniel J., Lounsbury, James L., Bower, Blair T.Analysis for Residuals-Environmental Quality ManagementWaste Management
Probst, Katherine N., Konisky, David M., Hersh, Robert, Batz, Michael B., Walker, Katherine D.Superfund's FuturePolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Bauer, Carl J.Siren SongDevelopment and Environment, Policy and Analysis, Water
Judd, Richard W., Beach, Christopher S.Natural StatesEcosystems
Beierle, Thomas C., Cayford, Jerrell C.Democracy in Practice: Public Participation in Environmental DecisionsPolicy and Analysis
Probst, Katherine N., Beierle, Thomas C.The Evolution of Hazardous Waste ProgramsPolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Hyde, William F., Belcher, Brian, Xu, JintaoChina's ForestsDevelopment and Environment, Forests
O'Leary, Rosemary, Bingham, Lisa B.Promise and Performance of Environmental Conflict ResolutionPolicy and Analysis
Afsah, Shakeb, Blackman, Allen, Garcia, Jorge, Sterner, ThomasEnvironmental Regulation and Public DisclosureInternational, Development and Environment, Policy and Analysis
Blackman, Allen, Epanchin-Niell, Rebecca, Siikamäki, Juha V., Velez-Lopez, DanielBiodiversity Conservation in Latin America and the CaribbeanEcosystems, Development and Environment, Forests, International
Blackman, AllenSmall Firms and the Environment in Developing CountriesDevelopment and Environment, Air Quality, Climate, Policy and Analysis, Waste Management
Blomquist, William, Schlager, Edella, Heikkila, TanyaCommon Waters, Diverging Streams Water
Bluffstone, Randy, Kohlin, GunnarAgricultural Investment and ProductivityDevelopment and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Kohlin, Gunnar, Bluffstone, RandyAgricultural Investment and ProductivityInternational, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
Bohi, Douglas R., Montgomery, David W.Oil Prices, Energy Security, and Import PolicyEnergy
Bohi, Douglas R., Russell, MiltonU.S. Energy PolicyEnergy, Electricity
Bohi, Douglas R., Russell, MiltonLimiting Oil ImportsEnergy
Bohi, Douglas R., Toman, Michael A.Analyzing Nonrenewable Resource SupplyEnergy
Bohi, Douglas R.Energy Price Shocks and Macroeconomic PerformanceEnergy
Bohi, Douglas R.Analyzing Demand BehaviorEnergy, Electricity
Bohm, PeterDeposit-Refund SystemsWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Wollman, Nathaniel, Bonem, Gilbert W.The Outlook for WaterWater
Boris, Constance M., Krutilla, John V.Water Rights and Energy Development in the Yellowstone River BasinPolicy and Analysis, Land Use, Energy, Water
Bosso, Christopher J.Governing Uncertainty: Environmental Regulation in the Age of NanotechnologyPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Bower, Blair T.Regional Residuals-Environmental Quality Management ModelingWaste Management
Kneese, Allen V., Bower, Blair T.Managing Water QualityWater
Kneese, Allen V., Bower, Blair T.Environmental Quality AnalysisWaste Management, Land Use
Bowes, Michael D., Krutilla, John V.Multiple-Use ManagementLand Use, Forests
Palmer, Karen L., Macauley, Molly K., Bowes, Michael D.Using Economic Incentives to Regulate Toxic SubstancesPolicy and Analysis
Bowman, Mary Jean, Haynes, W. WarrenResources and People in East Kentucky
Lueck, Dean, Bradshaw, Karen M.Wildfire PolicyClimate, Forests, Policy and Analysis
Strauss, Steven H., Bradshaw, H.D.The Bioengineered ForestForests, Ecosystems
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Kopp, Raymond J., Krupnick, Alan J., Stagliano, Vito, Burtraw, DallasA Shock to the SystemPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Martinez, Salvador A.Alternating CurrentsEnergy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
Broadman, Harry G., Montgomery, David W., Zimmerman, Mary BethNatural Gas Markets after DeregulationPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Brooks, David B., Krutilla, John V.Peaceful Use of Nuclear ExplosivesEnergy
Brooks, David B.Low-Grade and Non-Conventional Sources of Manganese
Brooks, David B.Supply and Competition in Minor MetalsPolicy and Analysis
Brooks, David B.Resource Economics
Brookshire, David S. , Gupta, Hoshin, Matthews, Olen PaulWater Policy in New MexicoWater, Policy and Analysis, Ecosystems
Hammack, Judd, Brown, Jr., Gardner M.Waterfowl and WetlandsPolicy and Analysis, Ecosystems
Brown, F. Lee, Lebeck, A. O.Cars, Cans, and DumpsWaste Management, Land Use, Policy and Analysis
Brown, Keith C.Regulation of the Natural Gas Producing IndustryPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Kneese, Allen V., Brown, F. LeeThe Southwest Under StressEnergy, Air Quality, Development and Environment, Water
Brubaker, SterlingIn Command of TomorrowPolicy and Analysis
Brubaker, SterlingTo Live on EarthWater, Air Quality, Climate, Food and Agriculture
Brubaker, SterlingTrends in the World Aluminum Industry
Brubaker, SterlingRethinking the Federal LandsLand Use
Crosson, Pierre R., Brubaker, SterlingResource and Environmental Effects of U.S. AgricultureFood and Agriculture, Ecosystems
Kasahara, Hiroshi, Burke, WilliamNorth Pacific Fisheries Management
Colfer, Carol J. Pierce, Byron, YvonnePeople Managing ForestsForests, Development and Environment
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