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Cairns, MalcolmVoices from the Forest Policy and Analysis, Ecosystems, Development and Environment, Food and Agriculture, Forests, Land Use
Cameron, Gordon C.Regional Economic DevelopmentPolicy and Analysis
Campbell, Robert W.Economics of Soviet Oil and GasEnergy
Campbell, Robert W.Trends in the Soviet Oil and Gas IndustryEnergy
Capalbo, Susan M.Agricultural ProductivityClimate
Koontz, Tomas M., Steelman, Toddi A., Carmin, JoAnn, Korfmacher, Katrina Smith, Moseley, Cassandra, Thomas, Craig W.Collaborative Environmental Management Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Howe, Charles W., Carroll, Joseph L., Hurter Jr., Arthur P., Leininger, William J.Inland Waterway TransportationWater, Transportation
Carson, Richard T., Mitchell, Robert C.Using Surveys to Value Public GoodsPolicy and Analysis
Carter, Luther J.The Florida ExperienceLand Use, Water
Carter, Luther J.Nuclear Imperatives and Public TrustWaste Management
Thornthwaite, C.W., Mather, John R., Carter, Douglas B.Three Water Balance Maps of Eastern North America
Casman, Elizabeth, Dowlatabadi, HadiThe Contextual Determinants of Malaria
Castle, Emery N., Hemmi, Kenzo, Skillings, Sally A.U.S.-Japanese Agricultural Trade RelationsFood and Agriculture
Castle, Emery N., Price, Kent A.U.S. Interests and Global Natural ResourcesFood and Agriculture, Energy
Bain, Joe S., Caves, Richard E., Margolis, JuliusNorthern California's Water IndustryPolicy and Analysis, Water
Beierle, Thomas C., Cayford, Jerrell C.Democracy in Practice: Public Participation in Environmental DecisionsPolicy and Analysis
Cecelski, Elizabeth, Dunkerley, JoyHousehold Energy and the Poor in the Third WorldEnergy, Development and Environment
Dunkerley, Joy, Ramsay, William, Gordon, Lincoln, Cecelski, ElizabethEnergy Strategies for Developing NationsEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Toman, Michael A., Chakravorty, Ujjayant, Gupta, ShreekantIndia and Global Climate ChangeClimate, Policy and Analysis
Chasek, Pamela, Wagner, Lynn M.The Roads from RioPolicy and Analysis, International, Development and Environment
Christy, Francis T., Scott, Anthony D.The Common Wealth in Ocean FisheriesPolicy and Analysis
Christy, Francis T.Alternative Arrangements for Marine Fisheries
Potter, Neal, Christy, Francis T.Trends in Natural Resource Commodities
Cicchetti, Charles J.Alaskan OilPolicy and Analysis, Energy, Transportation
Ackerman, Joseph, Clawson, Marion, Harris, MarshallLand Economics Research
Clawson, Marion, Hall, PeterPlanning and Urban GrowthLand Use, Transportation, Policy and Analysis
Clawson, Marion, Held, Burnell, Stoddard, Charles H.Land for the FutureLand Use
Clawson, Marion, Held, BurnellThe Federal LandsLand Use
Clawson, Marion, Knetsch, Jack L.Economics of Outdoor RecreationLand Use
Clawson, Marion, Stewart, Charles L.Land Use InformationWaste Management, Land Use
Clawson, MarionAmerica's Land and Its UsesFood and Agriculture, Land Use
Clawson, MarionDecision-Making in Timber Production, Harvest, and MarketingFood and Agriculture
Clawson, MarionThe Economics of U.S. Nonindustrial Private ForestsForests
Clawson, MarionThe Federal Lands Since 1956Land Use
Clawson, MarionForest Policy for the FutureLand Use, Forests
Clawson, MarionThe Federal Lands RevisitedLand Use
Clawson, MarionModernizing Urban Land PolicyLand Use
Clawson, MarionNew Deal Planning
Clawson, MarionThe Economics of National Forest ManagementForests
Clawson, MarionPolicy Directions for U.S. AgricultureFood and Agriculture
Clawson, MarionResearch in Forest Economics and Forest PolicyForests
Clawson, MarionSuburban Land Conversion in the United StatesLand Use
Clawson, MarionStatistics on Outdoor Recreation
Clawson, MarionNatural Resources and International DevelopmentDevelopment and Environment, Policy and Analysis
Clawson, MarionLand and Water for Recreation
Clawson, MarionLand for Americans
Clawson, MarionStatistics on Outdoor Recreation
Clawson, MarionForests for Whom and for What?Forests
Held, Burnell, Clawson, MarionSoil Conservation in PerspectiveLand Use, Ecosystems
Cleary, Edward J.The ORSANCO StoryWater, Policy and Analysis
Clepper, HenryProfessional Forestry in the United StatesPolicy and Analysis, Forests
Cochran, Thomas P.The Liquid Metal Fast Breeder ReactorRisk Management, Energy
Coglianese, Cary, Nash, JenniferLeveraging the Private SectorPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Coglianese, Cary, Nash, JenniferRegulating from the InsidePolicy and Analysis
Colby, Bonnie G., Frisvold, George B.Adaptation and ResilienceClimate
Colby, Bonnie G., Jacobs, Katharine L.Arizona Water PolicyWater
Colfer, Carol J. Pierce, Byron, YvonnePeople Managing ForestsForests, Development and Environment
Colfer, Carol J. Pierce, Resosudarmo, Ida Aju PradnjaWhich Way Forward? Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Forests, Food and Agriculture
Colfer, Carol J. PierceThe Complex ForestPolicy and Analysis, Forests
Colfer, Carol J. PierceThe Equitable Forest Development and Environment, Forests
Gregersen, Hans M., Contreras, ArnoldoU.S. Investment in the Forset-Based Sector in Latin AmericaForests
Cootner, Paul H., Lof, George O.G.Water Demand for Steam Electric GenerationElectricity, Water
Sterner, Thomas, Coria, JessicaPolicy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource ManagementPolicy and Analysis, Climate, Transportation, Waste Management, Food and Agriculture, Forests, International
Craine, Lyle E.Water Management Innovations in EnglandWater, Policy and Analysis
Crase, Lin, O'Keefe, SuzanneWater Policy, Tourism, and RecreationWater
Crase, LinWater Policy in AustraliaInternational, Water, Policy and Analysis
Crase, LinWater Policy in AustraliaFood and Agriculture, Water, Policy and Analysis
Crosson, Pierre R., Brubaker, SterlingResource and Environmental Effects of U.S. AgricultureFood and Agriculture, Ecosystems
Crosson, Pierre R., Frederick, Kenneth D.The World Food SituationDevelopment and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Crosson, Pierre R.Agricultural Development and ProductivityFood and Agriculture, Ecosystems, Policy and Analysis
Crosson, Pierre R.The Cropland CrisisEcosystems, Food and Agriculture
Crosson, Pierre R.Selected Water Management Issues in Latin American AgricultureFood and Agriculture, Development and Environment, Water
Crosson, Pierre R.Productivity Effects of Cropland Erosion in the United StatesEcosystems, Food and Agriculture
Phipps, Tim T., Crosson, Pierre R., Price, Kent A.Agriculture and the EnvironmentFood and Agriculture
Rosenberg, Norman J., Easterling III, William E., Crosson, Pierre R., Darmstadter, JoelGreenhouse Warming: Abatement and AdaptationRisk Management, Climate, Development and Environment, Energy, Electricity
Silvers, Arthur, Crosson, Pierre R.Rural Development and Urban-Bound Migration in MexicoDevelopment and Environment
Crutchfield, James A., Lawson, RowenaWest African Marine FisheriesPolicy and Analysis
Crutchfield, James A., Pontecorvo, GiulioThe Pacific Salmon FisheriesEcosystems
Culhane, Paul J.Public Lands PoliticsPolicy and Analysis, Land Use
Cumberland, John H., Hibbs, James R., Hoch, IrvingThe Economics of Managing ChlorofluorocarbonsClimate
Cummings, Ronald G.Interbasin Water TransfersWater
Cummings, Ronald G.Water Resource Management in Northern MexicoWater
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