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Easter, K. William, Perry, JimWater Policy in MinnesotaWater
Howe, Charles W., Easter, K. WilliamInterbasin Transfers of WaterWater
Rosenberg, Norman J., Easterling III, William E., Crosson, Pierre R., Darmstadter, JoelGreenhouse Warming: Abatement and AdaptationRisk Management, Climate, Development and Environment, Energy, Electricity
Fisher, Franklin M., Huber-Lee, Annette, Amir, Ilan, Arlosoroff, Shaul, Eckstein, Zvi, Haddadin, Munther, Hamati, Salem G., Jarrar, Ammar, Jayyousi, Anan, Shamir, Uri, Wesseling, HansLiquid AssetsFood and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Krutilla, John V., Eckstein, OttoMultiple Purpose River DevelopmentWater
Eggert, Roderick G.Metallic Mineral Exploration
Eggert, Roderick G.Mining and the Environment
Tilton, John E., Eggert, Roderick G., Landsberg, Hans H.World Mineral Exploration
Eisinger, DougSmog CheckAir Quality, Climate, Energy, Transportation
Blackman, Allen, Epanchin-Niell, Rebecca, Siikamäki, Juha V., Velez-Lopez, DanielBiodiversity Conservation in Latin America and the CaribbeanEcosystems, Development and Environment, Forests, International
Wingo, Lowdon, Evans, Alan W.Public Economics and the Quality of LifePolicy and Analysis
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