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Prato, Tony, Fagre, DanSustaining Rocky Mountain LandscapesEcosystems, Forests, Land Use
Farrell, Alexander E., Jäger, JillAssessments of Regional and Global Environmental RisksPolicy and Analysis, Risk Management, Air Quality, Climate
Farrow, Scott, Fischbeck, Paul S.Improving RegulationPolicy and Analysis, Water, Electricity, Air Quality
Finkel, Adam M., Golding, DominicWorst Things First?Risk Management, Policy and Analysis
Finkel, Adam M.Confronting Uncertainty in Risk ManagementRisk Management
Fischman, Leonard L.World Mineral Trends and U.S. Supply Problems
Landsberg, Hans H., Fischman, Leonard L., Fisher, Joseph L.Resources in America's FutureEnergy, Food and Agriculture, Land Use, Water
Fisher, Franklin M., Huber-Lee, Annette, Amir, Ilan, Arlosoroff, Shaul, Eckstein, Zvi, Haddadin, Munther, Hamati, Salem G., Jarrar, Ammar, Jayyousi, Anan, Shamir, Uri, Wesseling, HansLiquid AssetsFood and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Fisher, Franklin M.Supply and Costs in the U.S. Petroleum IndustryEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Fisher, Joseph L., Potter, NealWorld Prospects for Natural ResourcesWater, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Forests
Krutilla, John V., Fisher, Anthony C., Rice, Richard E.Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Coal DevelopmentPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Krutilla, John V., Fisher, Anthony C.The Economics of Natural EnvironmentsPolicy and Analysis, Land Use
Reinhard , Stijn, Folmer, HenkWater Policy in the NetherlandsPolicy and Analysis, Water, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
for the Future, ResourcesThe RFF Database of Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) SitesWaste Management
for the Future, ResourcesAgricultural Development in the Mekong BasinLand Use, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
for the Future, ResourcesDesign for a Worldwide Study of Regional DevelopmentDevelopment and Environment
for the Future, ResourcesU.S. Energy PoliciesElectricity, Energy
for the Future, ResourcesForest Credit in the United StatesWaste Management
for the Future, ResourcesA Report on Planning, Policy Making, and Research Activities of the U.S. Department of the InteriorPolicy and Analysis
for the Future, ResourcesThe Nation Looks at Its Resources
for the Future, ResourcesThe Future Supply of the Major Metals
Foresta, Ronald A.America's National Parks and Their KeepersForests, Land Use
Frank, Michael V.Choosing SafetyRisk Management
Klema, Ernest D., West, Robert L., Ducsik, Dennis W., Frank, Denise, Magid, BrucePublic Regulation of Site Selection for Nuclear Power PlantsPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Crosson, Pierre R., Frederick, Kenneth D.The World Food SituationDevelopment and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Frederick, Kenneth D., Gibbons, Diana C.Scarce Water and Institutional ChangeWater, Policy and Analysis
Frederick, Kenneth D., Hanson, James C.Water for Western AgricultureFood and Agriculture, Water
Frederick, Kenneth D., Sedjo, Roger A.America's Renewable ResourcesWater, Food and Agriculture, Forests
Frederick, Kenneth D.Water Management and Agricultural DevelopmentFood and Agriculture, Water
Freeman, A. Myrick, Herriges, Joseph A., Kling, Catherine L.The Measurement of Environmental and Resource ValuesPolicy and Analysis
Freeman, A. MyrickThe Benefits of Environmental ImprovementPolicy and Analysis
Freeman, A. MyrickThe Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values
Freeman, A. MyrickThe Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values, 2nd editionPolicy and Analysis
Portney, Paul R., Freeman, A. Myrick, Haveman, Robert H., Peskin, Henry M., Seskin, Eugene P., Smith, V. KerryCurrent Issues in U.S. Environmental PolicyWater, Air Quality, Waste Management, Policy and Analysis
Frisken, William R.The Atmospheric EnvironmentClimate
Colby, Bonnie G., Frisvold, George B.Adaptation and ResilienceClimate
Probst, Katherine N., Portney, Paul R., Litan, Robert E., Fullerton, DonFooting the Bill for Superfund CleanupsWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
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