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Portney, Paul R., Haas, Ruth B.Current Issues in Natural Resource PolicyWater, Land Use, Forests, Climate
Fisher, Franklin M., Huber-Lee, Annette, Amir, Ilan, Arlosoroff, Shaul, Eckstein, Zvi, Haddadin, Munther, Hamati, Salem G., Jarrar, Ammar, Jayyousi, Anan, Shamir, Uri, Wesseling, HansLiquid AssetsFood and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Haddadin, MuntherWater Resources in JordanWater
Haefele, Edwin T.Representative Government and Environmental ManagementPolicy and Analysis
Haefele, Edwin T.The Governance of Common Property ResourcesLand Use
Clawson, Marion, Hall, PeterPlanning and Urban GrowthLand Use, Transportation, Policy and Analysis
Hamilton, James T.Conserving Data in the Conservation ReservePolicy and Analysis, Land Use
Hammack, Judd, Brown, Jr., Gardner M.Waterfowl and WetlandsPolicy and Analysis, Ecosystems
Wiener, Jonathan, Hammitt, James K., Rogers, Michael D., Sand, Peter H.The Reality of PrecautionRisk Management, Policy and Analysis
Frederick, Kenneth D., Hanson, James C.Water for Western AgricultureFood and Agriculture, Water
Hardin, RussellCollective ActionPolicy and Analysis
Harrington, Winston, Heinzerling, Lisa, Morgenstern, Richard D.Reforming Regulatory Impact AnalysisWater, Policy and Analysis, Air Quality
Harrington, Winston, Morgenstern, Richard D., Sterner, ThomasChoosing Environmental Policy Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Risk Management
Harrington, WinstonThe Regulatory Approach to Air Quality ManagementAir Quality
Harrington, WinstonMeasuring Recreation SupplyPolicy and Analysis
Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, Winston, Spofford, WalterEconomics and Episodic DiseaseWater
Magat, Wesley A., Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, WinstonRules in the MakingWater, Policy and Analysis
Russell, Clifford S., Harrington, Winston, Vaughan, William J.Enforcing Pollution Control LawsWater, Air Quality
Yardas, David, Krupnick, Alan J., Peskin, Henry M., Harrington, WinstonDirectory of Environmental Asset Data Bases and Valuation Studies
Ackerman, Joseph, Clawson, Marion, Harris, MarshallLand Economics Research
Hartman, L.M., Seastone, DonWater TransfersWater, Policy and Analysis
Haveman, Robert H., Krutilla, John V., Steinberg, Robert M.Unemployment, Idle Capacity, and the Evaluation of Public ExpendituresPolicy and Analysis
Haveman, Robert H.The Economic Performance of Public InvestmentsPolicy and Analysis
Portney, Paul R., Freeman, A. Myrick, Haveman, Robert H., Peskin, Henry M., Seskin, Eugene P., Smith, V. KerryCurrent Issues in U.S. Environmental PolicyWater, Air Quality, Waste Management, Policy and Analysis
Hay, Bruce L., Stavins, Robert N., Vietor, Richard H. K.Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of FirmsPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Bowman, Mary Jean, Haynes, W. WarrenResources and People in East Kentucky
Hazelton, Jared E.The Economics of the Sulphur Industry
Headley, Joseph C., Lewis, J. N.The Pesticide Problem
Healy, Robert G., Rosenberg, John S.Land Use and the StatesLand Use, Ecosystems
Healy, Robert G.Land Use and the StatesEcosystems, Land Use
Hecht, Joy E.National Environmental AccountingPolicy and Analysis, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
Blomquist, William, Schlager, Edella, Heikkila, TanyaCommon Waters, Diverging Streams Water
Clawson, Marion, Held, Burnell, Stoddard, Charles H.Land for the FutureLand Use
Clawson, Marion, Held, BurnellThe Federal LandsLand Use
Held, Burnell, Clawson, MarionSoil Conservation in PerspectiveLand Use, Ecosystems
Heller, Walter W., Ruggles, RichardRevenue Sharing and the CityPolicy and Analysis
Castle, Emery N., Hemmi, Kenzo, Skillings, Sally A.U.S.-Japanese Agricultural Trade RelationsFood and Agriculture
Hendrickson, Chris T., Lave, Lester B., Matthews, H. ScottEnvironmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and ServicesPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Henríquez, Blas PérezEnvironmental Commodities Markets and Emissions TradingClimate, Policy and Analysis
Barker, Randolph, Herdt, Robert W., Rose, BethThe Rice Economy of AsiaPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Herfindahl, Orris C.Copper Costs and PricesPolicy and Analysis
Herfindahl, Orris C.Natural Resource Information for Economic Development
Herfindahl, Orris C.Quality of the EnvironmentWater, Air Quality
Herfindahl, Orris C.Three Studies in Minerals Economics
Freeman, A. Myrick, Herriges, Joseph A., Kling, Catherine L.The Measurement of Environmental and Resource ValuesPolicy and Analysis
Probst, Katherine N., Konisky, David M., Hersh, Robert, Batz, Michael B., Walker, Katherine D.Superfund's FuturePolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Cumberland, John H., Hibbs, James R., Hoch, IrvingThe Economics of Managing ChlorofluorocarbonsClimate
Tussing, Arlon R., Hiebert, Robin Ann, Sutinen, Jon G.Fisheries of the Indian OceanPolicy and Analysis
Hirsch, Werner Z.Elements of Regional Accounts
Hirsch, Werner Z.Regional Accounts for Policy DecisionsPolicy and Analysis
Hitch, Charles J.Modeling Energy-Economy InteractionsEnergy
Hitch, Charles J.Resources for an Uncertain FutureEcosystems
Hoch, IrvingEnergy Use in the United States by State and RegionEnergy, Electricity
Hoch, IrvingProgress in Urban Economics
Hochwald, WernerDesign of Regional Accounts
Hoffmann, Sandra A., Taylor, Michael R.Toward Safer Food Risk Management, Food and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis
Holden, Stein, Otsuka, Keijiro, Place, Frank M.The Emergence of Land Markets in AfricaLand Use, Development and Environment
Holland, Daniel, Sanchirico, James N., Johnston, Robert J., Joglekar, DeepakEconomic Analysis for Ecosystem-Based Management: Applications to Marine and Coastal EnvironmentsDevelopment and Environment, Water
Lovejoy, Wallace F., Homan, Paul T.Economic Aspects of Oil Conservation RegulationPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Lovejoy, Wallace F., Homan, Paul T.Methods of Estimating Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas LiquidsEnergy
Laxminarayan, Ramanan, Malani, Anup, Howard, David, Smith, David L.Extending The CureDevelopment and Environment
Howe, Charles W., Carroll, Joseph L., Hurter Jr., Arthur P., Leininger, William J.Inland Waterway TransportationWater, Transportation
Howe, Charles W., Easter, K. WilliamInterbasin Transfers of WaterWater
Hudson, BlakeConstitutions and the CommonsPolicy and Analysis
Barnes, Douglas F., Krutilla, Kerry, Hyde, William F.The Urban Household Energy TransitionElectricity, Energy, Land Use, Development and Environment, Climate, Air Quality, Policy and Analysis
Hyde, William F., Belcher, Brian, Xu, JintaoChina's ForestsDevelopment and Environment, Forests
Hyde, William F.The Global Economics of ForestryForests, Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Hyde, William F.Timber Supply, Land Allocation, and Economic EfficiencyLand Use, Forests
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