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Kasahara, Hiroshi, Burke, WilliamNorth Pacific Fisheries Management
Russell, Clifford S., Arey, David G., Kates, Robert W.Drought and Water SupplyWater
Kaufman, HerbertThe Forest RangerPolicy and Analysis, Land Use, Forests
Spofford, Walter, Russell, Clifford S., Kelly, Robert A.Environmental Quality ManagementWater
Martin, Wade E., Raish, Carol, Kent, BrianWildfire RiskForests, Risk Management, Land Use, Development and Environment
Keyes, ScottUrban and Regional Studies at U.S. UniversitiesLand Use
Klema, Ernest D., West, Robert L., Ducsik, Dennis W., Frank, Denise, Magid, BrucePublic Regulation of Site Selection for Nuclear Power PlantsPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Freeman, A. Myrick, Herriges, Joseph A., Kling, Catherine L.The Measurement of Environmental and Resource ValuesPolicy and Analysis
Anderson, Frederick R., Kneese, Allen V., Reed, Phillip D., Stevenson, Russell B., Taylor, SergeEnvironmental Improvement Through Economic IncentivesPolicy and Analysis
Kneese, Allen V., Bower, Blair T.Managing Water QualityWater
Kneese, Allen V., Bower, Blair T.Environmental Quality AnalysisWaste Management, Land Use
Kneese, Allen V., Brown, F. LeeThe Southwest Under StressEnergy, Air Quality, Development and Environment, Water
Kneese, Allen V., Smith, Stephen C.Water ResearchWater
Kneese, Allen V.Measuring the Benefits of Clean Air and WaterAir Quality, Policy and Analysis, Water
Kneese, Allen V.Water PollutionWater
Kneese, Allen V.Environmental Quality and Residuals ManagementPolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Kneese, Allen V.The Economics of Regional Water Quality Management
Lof, George O.G., Kneese, Allen V.Economics of Water Utilization in the Beet Sugar IndustryFood and Agriculture, Water
Peskin, Henry M., Portney, Paul R., Kneese, Allen V.Environmental Regulation and the U.S. EconomyPolicy and Analysis
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the SouthwestEnergy, Ecosystems, Water
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the Southwest
Clawson, Marion, Knetsch, Jack L.Economics of Outdoor RecreationLand Use
Bluffstone, Randy, Kohlin, GunnarAgricultural Investment and ProductivityDevelopment and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Kohlin, Gunnar, Bluffstone, RandyAgricultural Investment and ProductivityInternational, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
Probst, Katherine N., Konisky, David M., Hersh, Robert, Batz, Michael B., Walker, Katherine D.Superfund's FuturePolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Koontz, Tomas M., Steelman, Toddi A., Carmin, JoAnn, Korfmacher, Katrina Smith, Moseley, Cassandra, Thomas, Craig W.Collaborative Environmental Management Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Kopp, Raymond J., Krupnick, Alan J., Stagliano, Vito, Burtraw, DallasA Shock to the SystemPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Kopp, Raymond J., Smith, V. KerryValuing Natural AssetsEcosystems, Policy and Analysis
Kramer, Carol S.Political Economy of U.S. AgricultureFood and Agriculture
Krasnow, RichardPolicy Aspects of Climate Forecasting
Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, Winston, Spofford, WalterEconomics and Episodic DiseaseWater
Magat, Wesley A., Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, WinstonRules in the MakingWater, Policy and Analysis
Yardas, David, Krupnick, Alan J., Peskin, Henry M., Harrington, WinstonDirectory of Environmental Asset Data Bases and Valuation Studies
Barnes, Douglas F., Krutilla, Kerry, Hyde, William F.The Urban Household Energy TransitionElectricity, Energy, Land Use, Development and Environment, Climate, Air Quality, Policy and Analysis
Boris, Constance M., Krutilla, John V.Water Rights and Energy Development in the Yellowstone River BasinPolicy and Analysis, Land Use, Energy, Water
Bowes, Michael D., Krutilla, John V.Multiple-Use ManagementLand Use, Forests
Brooks, David B., Krutilla, John V.Peaceful Use of Nuclear ExplosivesEnergy
Haveman, Robert H., Krutilla, John V., Steinberg, Robert M.Unemployment, Idle Capacity, and the Evaluation of Public ExpendituresPolicy and Analysis
Krutilla, John V., Eckstein, OttoMultiple Purpose River DevelopmentWater
Krutilla, John V., Fisher, Anthony C., Rice, Richard E.Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Coal DevelopmentPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Krutilla, John V., Fisher, Anthony C.The Economics of Natural EnvironmentsPolicy and Analysis, Land Use
Krutilla, John V.The Columbia River TreatyWater, Policy and Analysis
Krutilla, John V.Natural EnvironmentsLand Use
Krutilla, John V.Sequence Timing in River Basin Development
Smith, V. Kerry, Krutilla, John V.Structure and Properties of a Wilderness Travel SimulatorLand Use
Smith, V. Kerry, Krutilla, John V.Explorations in Natural Resource EconomicsPolicy and Analysis
Bower, Blair T., Barré, Rémi, Kuhner, Jochen, Russell, Clifford S.Incentives in Water Quality ManagementWater, Policy and Analysis
Arrow, Kenneth J., Kurz, MordecaiPublic Investment, the Rate of Return, and Optimal Fiscal PolicyPolicy and Analysis
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