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Macauley, Molly K.Economics and Technology in U.S. Space PolicySpace
Palmer, Karen L., Macauley, Molly K., Bowes, Michael D.Using Economic Incentives to Regulate Toxic SubstancesPolicy and Analysis
Allen, Kristen, Macmillan, KatieU.S.-Canadian Agricultural Trade ChallengesPolicy and Analysis, Food and Agriculture
Maczak, Antoni, Parker, William N.Natural Resources in European HistoryPolicy and Analysis
Maestu, JosefinaWater Trading and Global Water ScarcityPolicy and Analysis, Water
Magat, Wesley A., Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, WinstonRules in the MakingWater, Policy and Analysis
Klema, Ernest D., West, Robert L., Ducsik, Dennis W., Frank, Denise, Magid, BrucePublic Regulation of Site Selection for Nuclear Power PlantsPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Laxminarayan, Ramanan, Malani, Anup, Howard, David, Smith, David L.Extending The CureDevelopment and Environment
Mäler, Karl-GöranEnvironmental Economics
Manners, GeraldThe Changing World Market for Iron Ore, 1950-1980Policy and Analysis
Manners, GeraldThe Changing World Market for Iron OrePolicy and Analysis
McDivitt, James F., Manners, GeraldMinerals and Men
Manthy, Robert S.Natural Resource Commodities -- A Century of StatisticsFood and Agriculture, Forests
Marcus, Alfred A., Sexton, Ken, Geffen, Donald A.Reinventing Environmental RegulationPolicy and Analysis
Bain, Joe S., Caves, Richard E., Margolis, JuliusNorthern California's Water IndustryPolicy and Analysis, Water
Margolis, JuliusThe Public Economy of Urban CommunitiesLand Use, Policy and Analysis
Marr, John C.Fishery and Resource Management in Southeast AsiaPolicy and Analysis
Martin, Wade E., Raish, Carol, Kent, BrianWildfire RiskForests, Risk Management, Land Use, Development and Environment
Martin, William E., Ingram, Helen M., Laney, Nancy K., Griffin, Adrian H.Saving Water in a Desert CityWater
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Martinez, Salvador A.Alternating CurrentsEnergy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
Thornthwaite, C.W., Mather, John R., Carter, Douglas B.Three Water Balance Maps of Eastern North America
Brookshire, David S. , Gupta, Hoshin, Matthews, Olen PaulWater Policy in New MexicoWater, Policy and Analysis, Ecosystems
Hendrickson, Chris T., Lave, Lester B., Matthews, H. ScottEnvironmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and ServicesPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Mazur, AlanTrue Warnings and False Alarms Food and Agriculture, Risk Management
Davies, J. Clarence, Mazurek, JaniceRegulating PollutionPolicy and Analysis
Davies, J. Clarence, Mazurek, JanicePollution Control in United StatesPolicy and Analysis
Ingram, Helen M., Laney, Nancy K., McCain, John R.A Policy Approach to Political RepresentationLand Use, Policy and Analysis, Energy, Water
Morgan, Granger, McCoy, Sean T.Carbon Capture and SequestrationPolicy and Analysis, Climate, Energy
McDivitt, James F.Minerals and Men
McDonald, Stephen L.The Leasing of Federal Lands for Fossil Fuels ProductionLand Use, Energy
McDonald, Stephen L.Petroleum Conservation in the United StatesEnergy
Probst, Katherine N., McGovern, MichaelLong-Term Stewardship and the Nuclear Weapons ComplexWaste Management, Land Use
Ayres, Robert U., McKenna, Richard P.Alternatives to the Internal Combustion EnginePolicy and Analysis, Air Quality
Mendershausen, HorstCoping with the Oil CrisisEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Mikesell, Raymond F.Foreign Investment in Copper Mining
Mikesell, Raymond F.Foreign Investment in the Petroleum and Mineral IndustriesEnergy
Mikesell, Raymond F.Petroleum Company Operations and Agreements in the Developing CountriesEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Mikesell, Raymond F.The World Copper Industry
Miles, EdwardOrganizational Arrangements to Facilitate Global Management of FisheriesPolicy and Analysis
Mills, Edwin S.Studies in the Structure of the Urban EconomyLand Use
Carson, Richard T., Mitchell, Robert C.Using Surveys to Value Public GoodsPolicy and Analysis
Sedjo, Roger A., Goetzel, Alberto, Moffat, Steverson O.Sustainability of Temperate ForestsForests, Ecosystems, Development and Environment
Bohi, Douglas R., Montgomery, David W.Oil Prices, Energy Security, and Import PolicyEnergy
Broadman, Harry G., Montgomery, David W., Zimmerman, Mary BethNatural Gas Markets after DeregulationPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Moran, Theodore H.Oil Prices and the Future of OPECEnergy
Morgan, Granger, Peha, JonScience and Technology Advice for CongressPolicy and Analysis
Morgan, Robert J.Governing Soil ConservationEcosystems, Land Use
Harrington, Winston, Heinzerling, Lisa, Morgenstern, Richard D.Reforming Regulatory Impact AnalysisWater, Policy and Analysis, Air Quality
Harrington, Winston, Morgenstern, Richard D., Sterner, ThomasChoosing Environmental Policy Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Risk Management
Morgenstern, Richard D., Pizer, William A.Reality CheckPolicy and Analysis
Morgenstern, Richard D., Portney, Paul R.New Approaches on Energy and the EnvironmentEnergy
Morgenstern, Richard D.Economic Analyses at EPAPolicy and Analysis
Barnett, Harold J., Morse, ChandlerScarcity and GrowthFood and Agriculture, Forests, Energy, Water
Koontz, Tomas M., Steelman, Toddi A., Carmin, JoAnn, Korfmacher, Katrina Smith, Moseley, Cassandra, Thomas, Craig W.Collaborative Environmental Management Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Moselle, Boaz, Padilla, Jorge, Schmalensee, RichardHarnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power SystemsEnergy
Grunwald, Joseph, Musgrove, PhilipNatural Resources in Latin American DevelopmentPolicy and Analysis, Food and Agriculture
Musgrove, Philip, Shapanka, AdeleU.S. Household Consumption, Income, and Demographic Changes, 1975-2025
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