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Moselle, Boaz, Padilla, Jorge, Schmalensee, RichardHarnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power SystemsEnergy
Page, TalbotConservation and Economic EfficiencyEcosystems, Policy and Analysis
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Kopp, Raymond J., Krupnick, Alan J., Stagliano, Vito, Burtraw, DallasA Shock to the SystemPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Martinez, Salvador A.Alternating CurrentsEnergy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
Palmer, Karen L., Macauley, Molly K., Bowes, Michael D.Using Economic Incentives to Regulate Toxic SubstancesPolicy and Analysis
Maczak, Antoni, Parker, William N.Natural Resources in European HistoryPolicy and Analysis
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the SouthwestEnergy, Ecosystems, Water
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the Southwest
Parry, Ian W.H., Day, Felicia M.Issues of the DayRisk Management, Land Use, Energy, Electricity, Food and Agriculture, Forests, Air Quality, Climate, Ecosystems, Development and Environment, Transportation, Waste Management, Water, Policy and Analysis
Peck, Merton J.The World Aluminum Industry in a Changing Energy EraPolicy and Analysis
Morgan, Granger, Peha, JonScience and Technology Advice for CongressPolicy and Analysis
Perlman, MarkHuman Resources in the Urban EconomyPolicy and Analysis
Perloff, Harvery S.Alliance for ProgressTransportation, Food and Agriculture
Perloff, Harvery S.Issues in Urban EconomicsLand Use, Policy and Analysis
Perloff, Harvery S.The Quality of the Urban EnvironmentLand Use
Perloff, Harvery S.Education for Planning
Perloff, Harvery S.A National Program of Research in Housing and Urban Development
Darmstadter, Joel, Perry, Harry, Ramsay, William, Russell, MiltonEnergy in America's FutureElectricity, Energy, Policy and Analysis
Easter, K. William, Perry, JimWater Policy in MinnesotaWater
Peskin, Henry M., Portney, Paul R., Kneese, Allen V.Environmental Regulation and the U.S. EconomyPolicy and Analysis
Portney, Paul R., Freeman, A. Myrick, Haveman, Robert H., Peskin, Henry M., Seskin, Eugene P., Smith, V. KerryCurrent Issues in U.S. Environmental PolicyWater, Air Quality, Waste Management, Policy and Analysis
Yardas, David, Krupnick, Alan J., Peskin, Henry M., Harrington, WinstonDirectory of Environmental Asset Data Bases and Valuation Studies
Phipps, Tim T., Crosson, Pierre R., Price, Kent A.Agriculture and the EnvironmentFood and Agriculture
Morgenstern, Richard D., Pizer, William A.Reality CheckPolicy and Analysis
Holden, Stein, Otsuka, Keijiro, Place, Frank M.The Emergence of Land Markets in AfricaLand Use, Development and Environment
Crutchfield, James A., Pontecorvo, GiulioThe Pacific Salmon FisheriesEcosystems
Porter, Richard C.The Economics of WasteWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Morgenstern, Richard D., Portney, Paul R.New Approaches on Energy and the EnvironmentEnergy
Portney, Paul R., Haas, Ruth B.Current Issues in Natural Resource PolicyWater, Land Use, Forests, Climate
Portney, Paul R., Stavins, Robert N.Public Policies for Environmental Protection, 2nd editionClimate, Air Quality, Waste Management, Water, Policy and Analysis
Portney, Paul R., Weyant, John P.Discounting and Intergenerational EquityPolicy and Analysis, Climate
Portney, Paul R.Economic Issues in Metropolitan GrowthLand Use
Probst, Katherine N., Portney, Paul R., Litan, Robert E., Fullerton, DonFooting the Bill for Superfund CleanupsWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Probst, Katherine N., Portney, Paul R.Assigning Liability for Superfund CleanupsWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Fisher, Joseph L., Potter, NealWorld Prospects for Natural ResourcesWater, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Forests
Potter, Neal, Christy, Francis T.Trends in Natural Resource Commodities
Powell, Mark R.Science at EPAPolicy and Analysis
Prato, Tony, Fagre, DanSustaining Rocky Mountain LandscapesEcosystems, Forests, Land Use
Preston, Lee E.Exploration for Non-Ferrous Metals
Castle, Emery N., Price, Kent A.U.S. Interests and Global Natural ResourcesFood and Agriculture, Energy
Price, Kent A.Regional Conflict and National PolicyPolicy and Analysis
Price, Kent A.The Dilemmas of Choice
Probst, Katherine N., Beierle, Thomas C.The Evolution of Hazardous Waste ProgramsPolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Probst, Katherine N., Konisky, David M., Hersh, Robert, Batz, Michael B., Walker, Katherine D.Superfund's FuturePolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Probst, Katherine N., McGovern, MichaelLong-Term Stewardship and the Nuclear Weapons ComplexWaste Management, Land Use
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