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Radetzki, MarianState Mineral Enterprises
Martin, Wade E., Raish, Carol, Kent, BrianWildfire RiskForests, Risk Management, Land Use, Development and Environment
Darmstadter, Joel, Perry, Harry, Ramsay, William, Russell, MiltonEnergy in America's FutureElectricity, Energy, Policy and Analysis
Dunkerley, Joy, Ramsay, William, Gordon, Lincoln, Cecelski, ElizabethEnergy Strategies for Developing NationsEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Ramsay, WilliamUnpaid Costs of Electrical EnergyRisk Management, Electricity
Raymond, LeighPrivate Rights in Public ResourcesPolicy and Analysis, Land Use
Anderson, Frederick R., Kneese, Allen V., Reed, Phillip D., Stevenson, Russell B., Taylor, SergeEnvironmental Improvement Through Economic IncentivesPolicy and Analysis
Reinhard , Stijn, Folmer, HenkWater Policy in the NetherlandsPolicy and Analysis, Water, Food and Agriculture, Development and Environment
Repetto, RobertEconomic Equality and Fertility in Developing CountriesDevelopment and Environment
Colfer, Carol J. Pierce, Resosudarmo, Ida Aju PradnjaWhich Way Forward? Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Forests, Food and Agriculture
Resosudarmo, Budy P.The Politics and Economics of Indonesia's Natural ResourcesPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Land Use, Forests, Food and Agriculture
Reuber, G. L., Wonnacott, R.J.The Cost of Capital in Canada with Special Reference to Public Development of the Columbia RiverWater, Policy and Analysis
Revesz, Richard L., Stewart, Richard B.Analyzing SuperfundWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Krutilla, John V., Fisher, Anthony C., Rice, Richard E.Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Coal DevelopmentPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Ridker, Ronald G., Watson, William D.To Choose a FutureFood and Agriculture, Energy, Air Quality, Water
Ridker, Ronald G.Changing Resource Problems of the Fourth WorldPolicy and Analysis, Energy, Food and Agriculture
Ridker, Ronald G.Population and DevelopmentDevelopment and Environment
Robinson, Glen O.The Forest ServiceEcosystems, Forests, Land Use
Rock, Michael T.Pollution Control in East AsiaDevelopment and Environment, Air Quality, Policy and Analysis
Tsur, Yacov, Roe, Terry, Doukkali, Mohammed Rachid, Dinar, ArielPricing Irrigation WaterWater, Development and Environment
Rogers, George W.Alaska in TransitionEcosystems, Development and Environment, Land Use, Forests
Rogers, George W.The Future of AlaskaLand Use, Ecosystems
Wiener, Jonathan, Hammitt, James K., Rogers, Michael D., Sand, Peter H.The Reality of PrecautionRisk Management, Policy and Analysis
Barker, Randolph, Herdt, Robert W., Rose, BethThe Rice Economy of AsiaPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Rose, BethAppendix to The Rice Economy of AsiaFood and Agriculture
Healy, Robert G., Rosenberg, John S.Land Use and the StatesLand Use, Ecosystems
Rosenberg, Norman J., Easterling III, William E., Crosson, Pierre R., Darmstadter, JoelGreenhouse Warming: Abatement and AdaptationRisk Management, Climate, Development and Environment, Energy, Electricity
Rosenfield, Patricia L.The Management of SchistosomiasisRisk Management
Heller, Walter W., Ruggles, RichardRevenue Sharing and the CityPolicy and Analysis
Ruilan, LuThe Handbook of Regulations on Environmental Protection in ChinaPolicy and Analysis
Bohi, Douglas R., Russell, MiltonU.S. Energy PolicyEnergy, Electricity
Bohi, Douglas R., Russell, MiltonLimiting Oil ImportsEnergy
Bower, Blair T., Barré, Rémi, Kuhner, Jochen, Russell, Clifford S.Incentives in Water Quality ManagementWater, Policy and Analysis
Russell, Clifford S., Arey, David G., Kates, Robert W.Drought and Water SupplyWater
Russell, Clifford S., Harrington, Winston, Vaughan, William J.Enforcing Pollution Control LawsWater, Air Quality
Russell, Clifford S., Nicholson, Norman K.Public Choice and Rural DevelopmentDevelopment and Environment
Russell, Clifford S., Vaughan, William J.Steel ProductionPolicy and Analysis
Russell, Clifford S.Residuals Management in IndustryWaste Management, Energy
Russell, Clifford S.Collective Decision MakingPolicy and Analysis
Russell, Clifford S.Ecological Modeling in a Resource Management Framework
Russell, Clifford S.Safe Drinking WaterWater
Spofford, Walter, Russell, Clifford S., Kelly, Robert A.Environmental Quality ManagementWater
Vaughan, William J., Russell, Clifford S.Freshwater Recreational FishingWater, Policy and Analysis
Ruttan, Vernon W.The Economic Demand for Irrigated AcreageFood and Agriculture, Water
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