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Saila, Saul B., Norton, Virgil J.Tuna
Holland, Daniel, Sanchirico, James N., Johnston, Robert J., Joglekar, DeepakEconomic Analysis for Ecosystem-Based Management: Applications to Marine and Coastal EnvironmentsDevelopment and Environment, Water
Wiener, Jonathan, Hammitt, James K., Rogers, Michael D., Sand, Peter H.The Reality of PrecautionRisk Management, Policy and Analysis
Sanderson, Fred H.Agricultural Protectionism in the Industrialized WorldFood and Agriculture
Nassauer, Joan Iverson, Santelmann, Mary V., Scavia, DonaldFrom the Corn Belt to the GulfDevelopment and Environment, Food and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Sargent, Thomas J.Energy, Foresight, and StrategyEnergy
Sawyer Jr., James W.Automotive Scrap RecyclingWaste Management
Anderson, Terry L., Watson, Lawrence R., Scarborough, BrandonTapping Water MarketsWater
Schaller, Howard G.Public Expenditure Decisions in the Urban CommunityPolicy and Analysis
Landsberg, Hans H., Schanz, John J., Schurr, Sam H., Thompson, Grant P.Energy and the Social SciencesEnergy
Scheinman, LawrenceThe International Atomic Energy Agency and World Nuclear OrderPolicy and Analysis, Waste Management, Energy
Scheinman, LawrenceThe Nonproliferation Role of the International Atomic Energy AgencyEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Blomquist, William, Schlager, Edella, Heikkila, TanyaCommon Waters, Diverging Streams Water
Moselle, Boaz, Padilla, Jorge, Schmalensee, RichardHarnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power SystemsEnergy
Schmid, Allan A.Converting Land From Rural to Urban UsesLand Use
Scholz, John T., Stiftel, BruceAdaptive Governance and Water ConflictPolicy and Analysis, Water, Land Use
Netschert, Bruce, Schurr, Sam H.Atomic Energy Applications with Reference to Underdeveloped Countries
Schurr, Sam H., Netschert, BruceEnergy in the American Economy 1850-1975
Schurr, Sam H., Vogely, Elizabeth K.Historical Statistics of Minerals in the United States
Schurr, Sam H.Energy, Economic Growth, and the EnvironmentEnergy, Electricity
Christy, Francis T., Scott, Anthony D.The Common Wealth in Ocean FisheriesPolicy and Analysis
Duncan, Otis Dudley, Scott, W. Richard, Lieberson, Stanley, Duncan, Beverly Davis, Winsborough, Hal H.Metropolis and Region
Searl, Milton F.Energy ModelingEnergy
Hartman, L.M., Seastone, DonWater TransfersWater, Policy and Analysis
Frederick, Kenneth D., Sedjo, Roger A.America's Renewable ResourcesWater, Food and Agriculture, Forests
Sedjo, Roger A., Goetzel, Alberto, Moffat, Steverson O.Sustainability of Temperate ForestsForests, Ecosystems, Development and Environment
Sedjo, Roger A., Lyon, Kenneth S.The Long-Term Adequacy of World Timber SupplyForests, Policy and Analysis
Sedjo, Roger A.The Comparative Economics of Plantation ForestryPolicy and Analysis, Forests
Sedjo, Roger A.Postwar Trends in U.S. Forest Products TradeForests, Policy and Analysis
Sedjo, Roger A.Issues U.S. International Forest Products TradePolicy and Analysis, Forests
Sedjo, Roger A.A Vision for the U.S. Forest ServiceForests, Land Use
Sedjo, Roger A.Governmental Interventions, Social Needs and the Management of U.S. ForestsForests
Sedjo, Roger A.Perspectives on Sustainable Resources in AmericaForests, Ecosystems, Water
Ackerman, Edward A., Lof, George O.G., Seipp, ConradTechnology in American Water Development
Lave, Lester B., Seskin, Eugene P.Air Pollution Human HealthAir Quality
Portney, Paul R., Freeman, A. Myrick, Haveman, Robert H., Peskin, Henry M., Seskin, Eugene P., Smith, V. KerryCurrent Issues in U.S. Environmental PolicyWater, Air Quality, Waste Management, Policy and Analysis
Marcus, Alfred A., Sexton, Ken, Geffen, Donald A.Reinventing Environmental RegulationPolicy and Analysis
Shah, TushaarTaming the Anarchy: Groundwater Governance in South AsiaWater, Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Food and Agriculture
Fisher, Franklin M., Huber-Lee, Annette, Amir, Ilan, Arlosoroff, Shaul, Eckstein, Zvi, Haddadin, Munther, Hamati, Salem G., Jarrar, Ammar, Jayyousi, Anan, Shamir, Uri, Wesseling, HansLiquid AssetsFood and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Musgrove, Philip, Shapanka, AdeleU.S. Household Consumption, Income, and Demographic Changes, 1975-2025
Shapley, DeborahThe Seventh ContinentEcosystems, Policy and Analysis
Shechter, Mordechai, Lucas, Robert C.Simulation of Recreational Use for Park and Wilderness ManagementLand Use
Lutter, Randall, Shogren, Jason F.Painting the White House GreenPolicy and Analysis
Short, John RennieLiquid CityLand Use
Blackman, Allen, Epanchin-Niell, Rebecca, Siikamäki, Juha V., Velez-Lopez, DanielBiodiversity Conservation in Latin America and the CaribbeanEcosystems, Development and Environment, Forests, International
Silvers, Arthur, Crosson, Pierre R.Rural Development and Urban-Bound Migration in MexicoDevelopment and Environment
Simpson, R. David, Toman, Michael A., Ayres, Robert U.Scarcity and Growth RevisitedDevelopment and Environment, Land Use, Food and Agriculture, Energy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis, Water
Simpson, R. DavidProductivity in Natural Resource IndustriesEcosystems, Forests, Energy
Castle, Emery N., Hemmi, Kenzo, Skillings, Sally A.U.S.-Japanese Agricultural Trade RelationsFood and Agriculture
Kneese, Allen V., Smith, Stephen C.Water ResearchWater
Kopp, Raymond J., Smith, V. KerryValuing Natural AssetsEcosystems, Policy and Analysis
Laxminarayan, Ramanan, Malani, Anup, Howard, David, Smith, David L.Extending The CureDevelopment and Environment
Smith, Richard J.Negotiating Environment and SciencePolicy and Analysis
Smith, Richard J.Negotiating Environment and SciencePolicy and Analysis
Smith, V. Kerry, Krutilla, John V.Structure and Properties of a Wilderness Travel SimulatorLand Use
Smith, V. Kerry, Krutilla, John V.Explorations in Natural Resource EconomicsPolicy and Analysis
Smith, V. KerryTechnical Change, Relative Prices, and Environmental Resource EvaluationLand Use, Policy and Analysis
Smith, V. KerryEnvironmental Resources and Applied Welfare EconomicsPolicy and Analysis
Smith, V. KerryScarcity and Growth ReconsideredWater, Forests, Food and Agriculture, Energy
Solow, Robert M.An Almost Practical Step Toward SustainabilityDevelopment and Environment
Spengler, Joseph J.Natural Resources and Economic Growth
Krupnick, Alan J., Harrington, Winston, Spofford, WalterEconomics and Episodic DiseaseWater
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the SouthwestEnergy, Ecosystems, Water
Spofford, Walter, Parker, Alfred L., Kneese, Allen V.Energy Development in the Southwest
Spofford, Walter, Russell, Clifford S., Kelly, Robert A.Environmental Quality ManagementWater
Brennan, Timothy J., Palmer, Karen L., Kopp, Raymond J., Krupnick, Alan J., Stagliano, Vito, Burtraw, DallasA Shock to the SystemPolicy and Analysis, Electricity, Energy
Hay, Bruce L., Stavins, Robert N., Vietor, Richard H. K.Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of FirmsPolicy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Portney, Paul R., Stavins, Robert N.Public Policies for Environmental Protection, 2nd editionClimate, Air Quality, Waste Management, Water, Policy and Analysis
Koontz, Tomas M., Steelman, Toddi A., Carmin, JoAnn, Korfmacher, Katrina Smith, Moseley, Cassandra, Thomas, Craig W.Collaborative Environmental Management Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment
Haveman, Robert H., Krutilla, John V., Steinberg, Robert M.Unemployment, Idle Capacity, and the Evaluation of Public ExpendituresPolicy and Analysis
Afsah, Shakeb, Blackman, Allen, Garcia, Jorge, Sterner, ThomasEnvironmental Regulation and Public DisclosureInternational, Development and Environment, Policy and Analysis
Harrington, Winston, Morgenstern, Richard D., Sterner, ThomasChoosing Environmental Policy Policy and Analysis, Development and Environment, Risk Management
Sterner, Thomas, Coria, JessicaPolicy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource ManagementPolicy and Analysis, Climate, Transportation, Waste Management, Food and Agriculture, Forests, International
Sterner, ThomasFuel Taxes and the PoorClimate, Development and Environment, Energy, Policy and Analysis
Sterner, ThomasPolicy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource ManagementPolicy and Analysis
Anderson, Frederick R., Kneese, Allen V., Reed, Phillip D., Stevenson, Russell B., Taylor, SergeEnvironmental Improvement Through Economic IncentivesPolicy and Analysis
Clawson, Marion, Stewart, Charles L.Land Use InformationWaste Management, Land Use
Revesz, Richard L., Stewart, Richard B.Analyzing SuperfundWaste Management, Policy and Analysis
Clawson, Marion, Held, Burnell, Stoddard, Charles H.Land for the FutureLand Use
Stoddard, Charles H.The Small Private Forests in the U.S.
Strauss, Steven H., Bradshaw, H.D.The Bioengineered ForestForests, Ecosystems
Donoghue, Ellen M., Sturtevant, Victoria A.Forest Community ConnectionsForests
Susskind, Lawrence E., Islam, ShafiqulWater DiplomacyWater, Policy and Analysis
Tussing, Arlon R., Hiebert, Robin Ann, Sutinen, Jon G.Fisheries of the Indian OceanPolicy and Analysis
Johnston, Robert J., Swallow, Stephen K.Economics and Contemporary Land Use PolicyDevelopment and Environment, Land Use, Food and Agriculture, Transportation, Policy and Analysis
Swihart, TomFlorida's WaterWater
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