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Chasek, Pamela, Wagner, Lynn M.The Roads from RioPolicy and Analysis, International, Development and Environment
Wahl, Richard W.Markets for Federal WaterWater
Probst, Katherine N., Konisky, David M., Hersh, Robert, Batz, Michael B., Walker, Katherine D.Superfund's FuturePolicy and Analysis, Waste Management
Anderson, Terry L., Watson, Lawrence R., Scarborough, BrandonTapping Water MarketsWater
Ridker, Ronald G., Watson, William D.To Choose a FutureFood and Agriculture, Energy, Air Quality, Water
Weaver, Jacqueline L.Unitization of Oil and Gas Fields in TexasPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Barkley, Paul W., Weber, Bruce A., Wu, JunJieFrontiers in Resource and Rural EconomicsDevelopment and Environment, Energy, Land Use
Wells, Donald A.Saudi Arabian Revenues and ExpendituresEnergy, Policy and Analysis
Wells, Frederick J.The Long-Run Availability of Phosphorus
Fisher, Franklin M., Huber-Lee, Annette, Amir, Ilan, Arlosoroff, Shaul, Eckstein, Zvi, Haddadin, Munther, Hamati, Salem G., Jarrar, Ammar, Jayyousi, Anan, Shamir, Uri, Wesseling, HansLiquid AssetsFood and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Water
Klema, Ernest D., West, Robert L., Ducsik, Dennis W., Frank, Denise, Magid, BrucePublic Regulation of Site Selection for Nuclear Power PlantsPolicy and Analysis, Energy
Portney, Paul R., Weyant, John P.Discounting and Intergenerational EquityPolicy and Analysis, Climate
Wiener, Jonathan, Hammitt, James K., Rogers, Michael D., Sand, Peter H.The Reality of PrecautionRisk Management, Policy and Analysis
Wilman, ElizabethExternal Costs of Coastal Beach PollutionWater, Risk Management
Wingo, Lowdon, Evans, Alan W.Public Economics and the Quality of LifePolicy and Analysis
Wingo, LowdonCities and SpaceLand Use
Wingo, LowdonMetropolitization and Public ServicesWater, Waste Management
Wingo, LowdonMinority PerspectivesPolicy and Analysis
Wingo, LowdonReform of Metropolitan GovernmentsPolicy and Analysis
Wingo, LowdonReform as ReorganizationPolicy and Analysis
Wingo, LowdonTransportation and Urban LandTransportation, Land Use
Duncan, Otis Dudley, Scott, W. Richard, Lieberson, Stanley, Duncan, Beverly Davis, Winsborough, Hal H.Metropolis and Region
Wollman, Nathaniel, Bonem, Gilbert W.The Outlook for WaterWater
Wollman, NathanielWater Resources in ChileWater
Reuber, G. L., Wonnacott, R.J.The Cost of Capital in Canada with Special Reference to Public Development of the Columbia RiverWater, Policy and Analysis
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