Gilbert F. White Distinguished Visiting Fellowship


The Gilbert White Fellowship is not currently accepting applications, but we thank you for your interest in the program.


Gilbert F. White Distinguished Visiting Fellowships are awarded in honor of Gilbert F. White, retired chairman of the RFF Board of Directors, distinguished geographer, and statesman of science.


The fellowship is intended for researchers in any discipline who have a doctoral degree and plan to devote up to one year to scholarly work in areas related to natural resources, energy, or the environment. Social scientists, as well as natural scientists, interested in policy-relevant interdisciplinary research are encouraged to consider this opportunity. Teaching and/or research experience at the postdoctoral level is preferred, though not essential. Individuals holding positions in government, as well as at academic institutions, are also eligible.

Because Gilbert White Fellows will work closely with RFF researchers, selection criteria will include the nature of the applicant’s proposed research program and how it fits with work in progress and RFF's research priorities.

The program is open to both US and non-US citizens, provided that applicants can provide proper work and residency documentation.

Gilbert F. White Fellowships may not necessarily be issued every year.


Gilbert F. White Fellows are normally in residence at RFF for up to 11 months.


All Gilbert F. White Fellows receive office facilities at RFF, associated support, and opportunities for engaging with RFF's researchers and work. Financial support and an allowance for moving or living expenses is negotiable depending on individual circumstances.

Typically, Gilbert F. White Fellows have at least partial sabbatical support from their home institutions. Gilbert F. White Fellowships do not provide medical insurance or other RFF fringe benefits.

Past Recipients