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Protected Lands and Outdoor Recreation

Local, state, and national protected lands hold crucial ecological and recreational wealth. RFF experts are assessing the value of these lands to help policymakers craft effective funding models and account for trade-offs when considering changes to existing landscapes.

A Conversation with Former Secretary Sally Jewell

In April 2021, former US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell sat down with RFF President and CEO Richard Newell to discuss a range of public lands and climate issues.

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Western National Monuments Can Boost the Economy

RFF research shows that establishing monuments actually can lead to economic benefits in some cases, with no evidence that monuments are bad for local economies.

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Diversity in US Parks: Is Everyone Welcome?

Data from the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service suggest deep inequality in the ethnic/racial mix of visitors to our public lands. This blog post from Resources has more.

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