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MARK THE DATE: An RFF Book Launch and Panel Discussion on Politics, Power Plants, and the “War on Coal”

Mar 16, 2016

What and Who:

A book launch for Struggling for Air: Power Plants and the “War on Coal”,  which assesses accusations by Obama policy opponents who say the president is waging a “war on coal.”

Presentation by the authors: Richard L. Revesz, Lawrence King Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus, New York University School of Law and Director, Institute for Policy Integrity; and Jack Lienke, Senior Attorney, Institute for Policy Integrity.

Panelists who will join the authors to further discuss future challenges of Clean Air Act regulations:

  • Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director, Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law; Assistant Dean of Centers and Institutes and Professor from Practice, Georgetown Law
  • Dallas Burtraw, Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Jonathan Z. Cannon, Blaine T. Phillips Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law and Director, Environmental and Land Use Law Program, University of Virginia School of Law

When: Tues., Apr 5, 2016 | 4:00–5:30 p.m.

Where: Resources for the Future | 1616 P St. NW, Washington, DC 20036

Please note:

  • A reception follows the presentation.
  • Books will be available for sale.
  • There will be no webcast.
  • Reporters: Pl. show credentials at sign-in.
  • Complete event information available on the event page.
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