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New Blog: Saving Coal

Jan 5, 2017

WASHINGTON—Coal is an energy source considered by many to be on the ropes. A new blog posted by two senior researchers at Resources for the Future (RFF) notes that even before Donald Trump elevated resurgence of the US coal industry to a conspicuous plank in his presidential campaign, the prospect of coal’s viability was fading. But in the new post, RFF Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter and Senior Policy Advisor Jan W. Mares also note that there is one “technological lifeline” offering coal a cautiously promising respite.

That technology is carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), which provides for the capture of greenhouse gases released at coal-fueled power plants, followed by injection of those gases into such deep subsurface reservoirs as to ensure its enduring containment.

“A CCS approach to greenhouse-gas management is not entirely speculative,” the authors note. In the post, they evaluate its viability, laying out the serious challenges that must be addressed if coal is to be granted a meaningful reprieve.

Read the entire blog post: Saving Coal: Reprieve through Carbon Capture and Sequestration?

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