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New RFF Blog Post on Maryland’s Fracking Decision

Mar 23, 2017

WASHINGTON—Maryland is considering a ban on fracking. A new blog post out today by researchers at Resources for the Future (RFF) takes a dispassionate look at that issue. RFF’s Isabel Echarte, Daniel Raimi, and Alan Krupnick start by noting:

“As Maryland weighs a ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, two opinion pieces published in The Washington Post (available here and here) present diametrically opposed views on the topic. While the two pieces argue that science is on their side, they each cherry pick from the existing research, distorting the impacts of fracking, rather than provide solid evidence that can help inform Maryland residents and policymakers. From our ongoing review of the existing research, we have a more nuanced take: namely, that fracking brings with it a mix of benefits, risks, and uncertainties. While this view may not generate rousing headlines, we believe that policymaking is best served by dispassionate analysis.”

Read the whole post: Neither Side Gets Its Science Right in Maryland Fracking Debate

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