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Give Online Leaders today face increasingly difficult and urgent questions that require considering both environmental protection and economic growth. How these questions are answered will impact the health, wealth, and well-being of humankind and the planet for generations to come. Trustworthy information about these issues has never been more valuable—or difficult to find. As such, the need for an independent organization dedicated to providing rigorous research and practical solutions has never been greater. That organization is Resources for the Future (RFF). In 1952, RFF pioneered the application of objective economic analysis to environmental and natural resource policy. Ever since, RFF experts have been helping leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors make informed decisions about balancing environmental protection and economic growth. RFF brings together renowned economists and experts to “cut through the noise” of current debates, developing leading-edge research and facilitating forward-thinking dialogues to advise policymakers in cities and nations around the world. Give Online Or mail your contribution, along with RFF’s Gift and Pledge form, to:

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The generous investments of visionary donors are what drive experts at RFF forward—to explore new questions, to take calculated risks, and to bring together people and ideas in new ways. Your contributions will lead to the following: If you believe that current environmental challenges deserve independent investigation and innovative, practical solutions, become an RFF supporter today.


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