Past Seminar

How Oil and Gas Development Impacts Local Governments and Communities

May 18, 2016 Resources for the Future, 1616 P St. NW, Washington, DC, 20036

About the Event

A Seminar co-hosted by Resources for the Future (RFF) and Duke University

Oil and gas development has increased substantially in the United States over the past decade, largely due to production from low-porosity rock formations subjected to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. This rapid growth has created a variety of opportunities and challenges for local governments across the country.

Experts at this seminar explored the key issues facing local governments in this new era. RFF’s Alan Krupnick described RFF’s Community Impacts Initiative. Richard Newell and Daniel Raimi from Duke University presented the results of their Shale Public Finance project, which examines the fiscal impacts of oil and gas development on local governments in every major producing region of the United States. The seminar also featured comments by Aliza Wasserman of the National Governors Association and further discussion with the presenters and the audience on key findings and implications.



  • Alan J. Krupnick, Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Richard G. Newell, President and CEO, Resources for the Future
  • Daniel Raimi, Senior Research Associate, Resources for the Future
  • Aliza Wasserman, Program Director, Environment, Energy, and Transportation Division, National Governors Association