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Leonard A. Shabman

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Leonard Shabman joined RFF in 2002 as a resident scholar after three decades as a faculty member at Virginia Tech. He also held positions at the United States Water Resources Council as a scientific advisor to the assistant secretary of the Army, Civil Works; a visiting scholar at the National Academy of Sciences; and an Arthur Maass-Gilbert White Scholar at the Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources.

Shabman’s current work balances time spent in research with advisory activities in order to have a direct bearing on the design and execution of water and related resources policy. His ongoing work focuses on evaluation protocols for large-scale ecosystem restoration projects, with a special focus on the Everglades and coastal Louisiana, increased effectiveness of national flood risk management programs, and design of market-like programs for water quality and wetlands management.

Shabman is in RFF’s Land, Water, and Nature Program.


BS, University of Massachusetts, 1967
MS, Cornell University, 1969
PhD, Cornell University, 1972

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