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The Consortium for the Valuation of Applications Benefits Linked with Earth Science (VALUABLES)

We are collaborating with NASA to build a community of Earth and social scientists committed to quantifying the socioeconomic benefits of Earth observations.

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We know that the information satellites gather about Earth improves our understanding of the planet, but why is this important to society? Like all types of information, Earth observations are valuable because they can help us make decisions that produce better outcomes for people and the environment. For example, satellite data about air quality can help regulators reduce people’s exposure to harmful pollutants. Information from satellites can also help forecasters make more accurate predictions about severe weather, helping emergency managers save lives and protect property. While we know that these benefits exist, it is challenging to measure the value they provide in socioeconomically-meaningful terms such as lives saved, increases in revenue, or acres of forest protected.

Why is it Important to Quantify the Societal Benefits of Earth Observations?

By quantifying the socioeconomic benefits of satellite data applications, we can demonstrate return on investments in satellites and satellite data. Quantification also helps us prioritize investments in satellite data capacity to maximize societal benefits.

Additionally, quantitative estimates of the value of satellite information provide Earth scientists with an effective way to communicate the value of satellite remote sensing work to policymakers and the public. Finally, frameworks for quantifying value of satellite data can help Earth scientists design projects and data applications with an eye toward how they will benefit society. 

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Join the VALUABLES Consortium at the AGU Fall Meeting (December 10-14, 2018) to learn more about our work to quantify the socioeconomic benefits of Earth observations when they are used to make decisions.

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VALUABLES Consortium Leadership Team

Socioeconomic Valuation Working Group

The working group is made up of economists, decision scientists, statisticians, and policy analysts with expertise in the application of valuation techniques to Earth observations. It comprises the core social science expertise of the consortium. In addition to conducting impact assessments, members are engaged in the consortium's outreach activities, including helping to recruit new social scientists to VALUABLES activities. 

Scientific Council

The scientific council is made up of Earth scientists and satellite remote sensing experts. Members have demonstrated interest in working with and providing technical advice to socioeconomic valuation experts, introducing the VALUABLES Consortium to their networks, and articulating the consortium’s potential to serve the Earth science and remote sensing communities. 

  • Professional headshot of David Diner

    David Diner

    California Institute of Technology & NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Professional headshot of Klaus Keller

    Klaus Keller

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Professional headshot of Joseph Kellndorfer

    Joseph Kellndorfer

    Earth Big Data LLC

  • Professional headshot of Dalia Kirschbaum

    Dalia Kirschbaum

    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Professional headshot of Robert E. Kopp

    Robert E. Kopp

    Rutgers University

  • Professional headshot of Kyle McDonald

    Kyle McDonald

    City College of New York & City University of New York

  • Professional headshot of Michael Oppenheimer

    Michael Oppenheimer

    Princeton University

  • Professional headshot of Alex de Sherbinin

    Alex de Sherbinin

    Columbia University & NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center

  • Professional headshot of David Skole

    David Skole

    Michigan State University

  • Professional headshot of Bruce Wielicki

    Bruce Wielicki

    NASA Langley Research Center

  • Professional headshot of Benjamin Zaitchik

    Benjamin Zaitchik

    Johns Hopkins University

Advisory Group

The advisory group provides strategic guidance to the consortium and offers advice about the consortium’s management. Members contribute their sectorial expertise and perspectives to ensure that VALUABLES is addressing the most pressing questions related to the socioeconomic benefits of Earth observations. 

  • Professional headshot of Anne Connor

    Anne Connor

    Harris Corporation

  • Professional headshot of Mike Fox

    Mike Fox

    Raytheon Company

  • Professional headshot of Larry Meinert

    Larry Meinert

    Meinert Consulting, LLC

  • Professional headshot of Lea Shanley

    Lea Shanley

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Professional headshot of Chuck Wooldridge

    Chuck Wooldridge

    NOAA Satellite and Information Service