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Five Energy and Environmental Questions for the Presidential Field

Oct 13, 2015 | Alan J. Krupnick, Molly K. Macauley, Richard D. Morgenstern

Tonight is the first debate for Democratic presidential candidates but the campaign season long has been underway in both parties.  And this election cycle increasingly is introducing critical energy and environmental issues into our national political discussions.  In response, three ranking researchers at Resources for the Future (RFF) have put forward five key questions meant for all hopefuls continuing down the 2016 trail.

Here are five impartial, non-partisan questions about some of the most important environmental and energy challenges facing America and the world:

Top-Five Environmental and Energy Policy Questions for Presidential Candidates

  • How closely should the US integrate its economy with Mexico and Canada to take advantage of Mexico’s energy reform and Canada’s abundance of oil and gas?
  • Sarah Palin famously was quoted as saying “Drill baby drill” as her oil and gas policy. Would yours be any different? 
  • Many corporations support methods to address climate change like assessing a charge on forms of carbon pollution and using the revenues for goals like tax reform.  Do you support innovative approaches to reduce greenhouse gases?
  • The Keystone pipeline has become a flash point.   Some sources, like the State Department analysis, suggest adverse climate impacts are tiny.  Others feel stopping the project has environmental merit. What is your position? 
  • The US EPA has been under criticism from many quarters.  Do you support its role in administering the nation’s clean air and water laws?  And if not, what changes would you advocate?