At RFF, we create economy-wide and sector-specific climate solutions that are effective, efficient, equitable, beneficial to the economy, and able to achieve net-zero emissions goals. We also evaluate the physical and economic impacts of climate change, using data to assess risks, and equipping decisionmakers with the information needed to build resilience in their communities.


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Carbon Pricing

Examining the design and implications of carbon pricing policies for the economy and the environment

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Climate Finance and Financial Risk

Improving the measurement and modeling of climate risks to financial markets

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Climate Risks and Resilience

Analyzing risk and measuring impacts to inform critical climate decisions

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Comprehensive Climate Strategies

Generating ideas to drive emissions reductions efficiently and equitably

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Data and Decision Tools

Utilizing economic concepts and tools to design and evaluate local, state, regional, and national policies

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Electric Power

Conducting research to inform the ongoing transformation and decarbonization of the electricity sector

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Environmental Justice

Informing decisionmaking that takes environmental and social justice into account

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Equity in the Energy Transition

Exploring solutions to the challenges raised by a transition away from fossil fuels


Federal Climate Policy

Using the best-available data to inform US federal action to address climate change

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Industry and Fuels

Solutions to decarbonize industry and transition away from fossil fuels


International Climate Policy

Providing global analysis and policy solutions needed to achieve ambitious climate targets

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Land Use, Forestry, and Agriculture

Improving land use and management decisions to meet climate, ecological, and community goals

Mangrove tree and water

Natural Resources

Examining how humans interact with natural resources, from species to water

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Social Cost of Carbon

Improving the science behind estimating the social cost of carbon



Understanding the costs, benefits, and consequences of transportation policies

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