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Environmental Justice

RFF scholars are examining how socioeconomic mechanisms and policies have contributed to the legacy of environmental injustice for historically underserved and marginalized communities. Our EJ research informs decisionmaking to address these inequities.

Exposure: An Environmental Justice Webinar Series

This webinar series takes a deep dive into issues related to cumulative environmental impacts, EJ screening tools, energy equity and transitions, benefit-cost analysis and regulatory design, disaster and climate adaptation, and the design of climate policies.

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Inequality in Wildfire Response

This working paper examines the efforts federal agencies undertake in the aftermath of a fire. It finds that agencies increase fuel management only near affected communities with high socioeconomic status.

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Diversity in the Great Outdoors

Parks and public lands in the United States should be available for all to enjoy but data suggests that African Americans and other people of color have less access and recreate less in these spaces.

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