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A growing economy relies on an effective and efficient transportation system; however, issues related to climate change, pollution, congestion, and safety can dampen that growth. RFF experts are analyzing the costs, benefits, and distributional consequences of transportation policies to help lawmakers design programs that can effectively impact consumer and producer behaviors.

Federal Climate Policy: The Transportation Sector

A review of current primary policies and policy options for emissions reductions in the sector, including fuel economy and GHG standards, programs to promote the use of alternative-fuel vehicles, and more.

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Reducing Pollution with Targeted Vehicle Scrappage

RFF research shows that incentives to scrap old cars can be more effective by targeting high-emissions cars that would otherwise stay on the road.

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Progress and Potential for EVs to Reduce Emissions

An RFF report shows that EVs will continue to play a small part in emissions reductions over the next five years, with larger contributions in the decade after.

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