Semafor: “Big Oil Group Sues to Block Biden's EV Push”

RFF Senior Fellow Joshua Linn is quoted in an article about electric vehicles’ litigious future.

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June 13, 2024

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Big Oil has started to diversify into industries that support electric vehicle manufacturing, but this lawsuit shows that “they need time” and are worried about the pace of vehicle electrification, Josh Linn, a fellow at the Resources for the Future, told Semafor...

The Environmental Protection Agency's own Renewable Fuel Standards require transportation fuels to contain a minimum amount of biofuels like corn-ethanol. The idea is that this reduces greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. But the initiative “has not lived up to what many people envisioned that it would be,” Resources for the Future’s Josh Linn said. There is a “pathway” to better economically support biofuels, but in the absence of more aggressive policies, more carbon-efficient biofuels, like cellulosic biodiesel, haven’t caught on. Instead, electric vehicles have “emerged as the frontrunner” for reducing emissions, Linn said.

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