RFF Founders' Day 2023

Celebrating Over 70 Years of Impact

On October 7th, as we celebrate our “Founders' Day” and over seven decades of impact, we invite you to once again be a part of our journey.

Our world desperately needs a comprehensive approach to combat the climate crisis. We need shared knowledge, innovative solutions, and an unwavering commitment to an equitable energy transition. We must lay the foundation for sustainable solutions that will endure for generations. The enormity of this task demands nothing less than systemic change—one that harnesses the power of creative thinking and uplifts communities across the globe.

This is what guides us: a future where we successfully confront the climate crisis. Where the impacts of climate change no longer loom as a threat to our homes and communities, but rather become an opportunity for innovation and resilience.

To build this future, however, we need your support. Will you join us?

Impact your support helped make possible