Informing Policymakers with RFF's Carbon Scoring Project

A "Price Tag" for Emissions

When Congress debates and makes decisions on government spending, they have a helpful tool to understand the financial impacts of their proposals: a “budget score.” Provided by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, these scores help lawmakers understand the price tag of their legislation.

It’s helpful data, but it’s not the only thing that Capitol Hill needs to consider—especially when considering policies that impact the economy and the environment. What if there was a “price tag” for carbon emissions?

Last March, guided by this question, we launched RFF’s Carbon Scoring Project. Building on our reputation of providing timely and trusted information to decisionmakers and the public, the Carbon Scoring Project provides consistent and unbiased “scores” on the climate effects of new laws, helping Congress stay on track to decarbonize our economy and reach our climate goals.

Like budget scores, our data aren’t “left” or “right”—they’re nonpartisan, transparent, and will help ensure that our nation’s lawmakers consider the climate impacts of their legislation. As we advance the clean energy transition and build a net-zero future, it is absolutely crucial that lawmakers are well informed with accurate and objective data.

This project is an ambitious undertaking, and we need your help. Your support will help us expand our capacities, reach new audiences, and ensure that decisionmakers are well equipped to address the climate crisis. Will you join us with your renewed support today?

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