E&E News: "EVs, Mineral Deals Loom Large as Biden Heads to Canada"

RFF Senior Fellow Mike Toman is quoted several times in this article that highlights the United States' relationship with Canada in sourcing critical minerals.

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March 23, 2023

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Michael Toman, a senior fellow with the nonpartisan group Resources for the Future, said the strategy makes sense given Canada has a robust mining sector and important reserves of some critical minerals, and it’s reasonable to bolster the US-Canada partnership.

But Toman said he questions what the larger strategy is, how the money will be spent, and just how much government intervention and support is needed or appropriate when building up what should be competitive markets. He noted there are myriad challenges in boosting processing—from environmental issues to permitting—and ultimately it would be ideal to see a clear and transparent strategy around how the money under DPA [Defense Production Act] is spent.

“If DPA is there and Canada can get into it, fine,” said Toman. “The bigger question is, are we going down the right road for creating a globally competitive EV, battery and minerals industry?”

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