Nicholas Roy

Research Associate

Nick Roy joined RFF as a Research Analyst in June 2020 to work on the Haiku electricity sector simulation model. Using Haiku, Nick has analyzed an array of policies including clean energy tax credits, renewable energy standards, and emissions pricing. In addition to electricity sector modeling, Nick also employs various research methods to analyze freight regulation and electrification in the transportation sector. Prior to joining RFF as a Research Analyst, Roy was a 2019 Summer Intern at RFF for Art Fraas investigating energy efficiency device usage among heavy duty trucks. Between the two positions, he researched port drayage disruptions at the Center for International Trade and Transportation. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BA in economics, a BS in applied mathematics, and a minor in philosophy.


  • BS in applied mathematics, California State University Long Beach, 2020
  • BA in mathematical economics and economic theory, California State University Long Beach, 2020

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