Endangered species recovery: A resource allocation problem

Journal Article by Michael C. Runge, Richard F. Maloney, Gwenllian D. Iacona, C. Ashton Drew, Stephanie Avery-Gomm, James Brazill-Boast, Deborah Crouse, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Sarah B. Hall, Lynn A. Maguire, Tim Male, Don Morgan, Jeff Newman, Hugh P. Possingham, Libby Rumpff, Katherine C. B. Weiss, Robyn S. Wilson, Marilet A. Zablan, and Leah R. Gerber — Dec. 19, 2018

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Michael C. Runge

Richard F. Maloney

Gwenllian D. Iacona

C. Ashton Drew

Stephanie Avery-Gomm

James Brazill-Boast

Deborah Crouse

Rebecca Epanchin-Niell

Rebecca Epanchin-Niell is a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future whose research focuses on ecosystem management, in particular examining how human behavior affects ecological resources as well as identifying strategies to improve management.

Sarah B. Hall

Lynn A. Maguire

Tim Male

Don Morgan

Jeff Newman

Hugh P. Possingham

Libby Rumpff

Katherine C. B. Weiss

Robyn S. Wilson

Marilet A. Zablan

Leah R. Gerber