5-15-19 bioscience

The Invisible Flood: The Chemistry, Ecology, and Social Implications of Coastal Saltwater Intrusion

An exploration of climate impacts on saltwater intrusion and their implications for adaptation in coastal ecosystems

Journal Article by Kate Tully, Keryn Gedan, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Aaron Strong, Emily S Bernhardt, Todd BenDor, Molly Mitchell, John Kominoski, Thomas E Jordan, Scott C Neubauer, and Nathaniel B Weston — May 1, 2019

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Kate Tully

Keryn Gedan

Rebecca Epanchin-Niell

Senior Fellow

Aaron Strong

Emily S Bernhardt

Todd BenDor

Molly Mitchell

John Kominoski

Thomas E Jordan

Scott C Neubauer

Nathaniel B Weston