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Electric Vehicles and Low-Carbon Fuels

Vehicles that run on natural gas, biofuels, hydrogen, and electricity can be cleaner and domestically produced alternatives to cars and trucks that are powered by gasoline and diesel. Experts at RFF are examining the costs and benefits of integrating these alternative fuels and vehicles into regulations, subsidies, and trading markets.

Climate Insights 2020: Electric Vehicles

RFF, Stanford University, and ReconMR's public opinion poll shares insights on electric vehicles, new charging infrastructure, and more.

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Moving the Needle on Electric Vehicle Market Share

RFF Senior Fellow Josh Linn explores why consumer demand for electric vehicles needs to take off soon, if we’re going to reach 100 percent market share within the next decade or two.

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Approaches to Investing in Electric Vehicles

This blog post explains why smaller-scale pilot programs can guide significant investments to expand charging infrastructure and avoid wasting precious resources.

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