Axios: "The Limits of the Electric Car Credits"

RFF Fellow Beia Spiller's blog post on electric vehicle tax credits outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act is featured in this newsletter.

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Aug. 15, 2022

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A new analysis starkly lays out the limits of U.S. electric vehicle tax incentives in the Democrats' soon-to-be-enacted climate bill, Ben writes...

What's new: Beia Spiller of Resources for the Future (RFF), a nonpartisan think tank, translated Congressional Budget Office estimates of the incentives into projected real-world sales.

Even by 2030, vehicles purchased using the credits would be just 3% of total global EV sales last year.

Threat level: "[G]iven the country’s goals for achieving 50 percent zero emission vehicles by 2030, the tax credit will not go far enough," writes Spiller, who leads RFF's transportation program.

  • "Until auto manufacturers in the private sector make significant changes to their manufacturing processes and resulting vehicle price points, you — and most other car buyers in the market for EVs — may need to forego the tax credit if you want to go electric."

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