Bloomberg: "Biden Climate Rules Move Ahead Amid Wait for Final Carbon Metric"

This article references RFF research and expertise about the social cost of carbon in an article about the fate of this important climate metric.

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Nov. 10, 2022

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Resources for the Future concluded in September after a multiyear study that the $51 a ton cost should be more than three and a half times higher at $185 per ton—drawing on recent scientific and economic literature showing earlier estimates vastly underestimate the harm of each additional ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere...

And the rulemakings moving ahead thus far have been “relatively minor,” according to Brian Prest, director of RFF’s Social Cost of Carbon Initiative.

“Maybe they’re considered large impacts to the affected industries, and so they’re going to raise a ruckus about it,” said Prest, who noted that only revised tailpipe emission standards would be considered a significant regulation.

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