Canary Media: “US ‘Hydrogen Hub’ Plan May Push Clean Hydrogen to the Wrong Users”

An article about the federal government's ongoing hydrogen hubs program includes thoughts from RFF Fellow Aaron Bergman.

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Jan. 31, 2024

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But policymakers, regulators and public- and private-sector partners involved in the hydrogen hubs face a set of conundrums when it comes to deciding which sectors should and shouldn’t use the clean hydrogen they produce.

The first one stems from the legislative language that created the hydrogen hub program, noted Aaron Bergman, a fellow at the nonprofit research group Resources for the Future. The relevant section of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law specifies that at least one hub must test a number of end uses for hydrogen.

‘One has to be electric power generation. At least one has to be industrial use. At least one has to be residential and commercial heating — which is not what most people consider a high-value use. And at least one has to be in the transportation sector,’ he said.”

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