How Not-For-Profits Can Emphasize Their Advantages in a Tight Labor Market

Carolyn Mollen, Vice President for Finance & Administration, discusses RFF's efforts to create an engaging and connected workplace culture for the Journal of Accountancy.

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March 9, 2022

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The Journal of Accountancy

When accounting professionals get hired for a new job, they often get an opportunity to make a difference right away. That was the case with Carolyn Mollen, CPA, CGMA, after she was hired to be vice president of finance and administration and treasurer for Resources for the Future.

Hired in December 2019, just a few months before the pandemic gripped the United States, Mollen had to replace an HR director immediately, and the person she hired left in August 2021. Another HR staff member left last fall. As Mollen oversees HR, she has faced pandemic-related staffing challenges and acted to address them in a swift, thorough manner.

Mollen and Resources for the Future have taken a broad look at all their policies and procedures in an effort to maximize the reasons people would stay and to recruit new people when it is necessary. They started by asking staff members what they needed to feel engaged, connected, and part of the mission.

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