Latitude Media: “Unfunded Clean Hydrogen Hubs Double Down on Planned Projects”

A piece about unfunded hydrogen hubs quotes RFF Senior Research Associate Yuqi Zhu.

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Dec. 19, 2023

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Since DOE published its list of chosen hubs two months ago, the people behind WISHH and many other unfunded hubs have made clear that they plan to pursue clean hydrogen regardless.

“A lot of work went into putting these applications together,” said Yuqi Zhu of the nonprofit research institution Resources for the Future. “They kind of got the ball rolling with these applications, and committed quite a bit of time and resources.”


With at least some of the outside projects buoyed by these new credits and free from the administrative constraints of the DOE hubs, experts say it’s possible they even could end up progressing more quickly than their “chosen” hydrogen hub counterparts.

“It’ll be interesting to see what those projects look like without the guardrails that DOE has,” Zhu said. “Whether they still have any sort of prioritization of environmental justice or community benefits without the DOE funding.”

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