NPR: "An Influential Energy Group Sees Reason for Climate Optimism"

In a story about the International Energy Agency's new global energy outlook report, RFF Fellow Daniel Raimi shares his thoughts about the report's overarching trends.

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Oct. 28, 2022

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Every year, the IEA issues a far-reaching report on the world's future energy needs.

It's widely seen as "impartial, expert and very detail-oriented," said Daniel Raimi, a fellow at Resources for the Future who closely reviews these kinds of outlooks...

The projected move away from fossil fuels is nowhere near as fast as climate scientists are calling for. The IEA estimates it would lock in warming around 2.5 degrees Celsius, well over the 1.5 degree target the world has set.

But the fact that current policies would trigger this shift at all is noteworthy, since that's never shown up in the IEA's projections — and it hasn't happened in the real world since the Industrial Revolution began.

Raimi's takeaway: "We are not there. We are not close to there, but we are moving in the right direction."

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