POLITICO: "Musk Strikes Again: Tesla's Win on EV Charging Could Split the Industry"

An article about the evolving battleground of EV charging technology shares insights made during a recent RFF workshop on zero-emissions vehicle mandates.

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June 16, 2023

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For Ford and GM, the decision to back Tesla’s technology puts them on board with the chargers that the industry generally sees as technologically superior in charging speed, ergonomics and reliability.

Ford sees benefits in the NACS technology in terms of “consistent access to charging” as well as the performance of the plug itself, Chris Smith, Ford’s chief government affairs officer, said during a webinar organized by Resources for the Future on Monday.

“Availability of charging is going to be incredibly important for our business model,” Smith said, adding that the shift marks an “important step forward in order to make sure that we’ve got unified standards.”

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