The Wreckage of the Last Energy Epoch: Abandoned Wells and Workers

Current Affairs magazine cites RFF & Columbia University's study on abandoned oil & gas wells, calling it one of the "best-cited" program proposals.

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Jan. 12, 2021

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Current Affairs

"Most of the proposals shared some common features: Federal Money → State Orphan Well/Federal Orphan Well Program → Private Contractor → “Plug and Abandonment” work. Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy and Resources for the Future crafted one of the best-cited orphan well grant program proposals. The proposal is particularly popular among oil and gas industry groups who have framed it as a way to keep oil and gas businesses afloat. It makes sense when you consider that the two think tanks’ respective funders’ circles are a veritable who’s who of oil and gas production and service firms and investment shops (from Aramco to Total)."

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