TIME Magazine: "Ron DeSantis Is at the Forefront of New Republican Climate Politics"

A story about Floridian climate policies reflects on the state's near-term outlook in the wake of Hurricane Ian using RFF's 2020 Florida Climate Outlook.

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Oct. 4, 2022

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But there’s a point when adaptation isn’t enough. If temperatures continue to rise on their current trajectory, coastal communities across the Florida could face more than eight inches of sea level rise by 2040 in even a moderate scenario, according to data from Resources for the Future, an energy and environment research group. That may not sound like a lot, but it will contribute to a nearly 20% chance of annual flooding of three feet. Saltwater would intrude on drinking water supplies. Heat would reduce the productivity of agricultural workers in the places where farming remains viable. It’s easy to imagine entire parts of the state becoming uninhabitable.

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