USA Today: "Electricity Bills Are Surging, Is It Still Cheaper to Charge an EV than Get Gas? It Depends."

Fellow Beia Spiller, who directs RFF's Transportation Program, shares her thoughts on the relative expense of EV charging vs. gas refueling.

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Feb. 16, 2023

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USA Today

"In most places in the country, it is cheaper to charge your EV than fill up your gas vehicle, and that certainly has been the case for the past decade or so," said energy economist Beia Spiller, director of the transportation program at Resources for the Future. "But that depends on two things: the cost of electricity in your electric service territory, and the cost of gasoline where you live."


"Car buyers have been held hostage for decades now by wild fluctuations in gasoline prices that are completely outside of our ability to change," Spiller said. "With EVs, we remove this issue completely and provide much more independence and security in terms of how we are getting our energy to power our cars."

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