Washington Post: "Is It Cheaper to Refuel Your EV Battery or Gas Tank? We Did the Math in All 50 States."

A popular article about the monetary and environmental costs of refueling electric and gas-powered vehicles cites RFF research about the social cost of carbon.

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Aug. 8, 2023

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After that there’s one last number I felt was missing: the social cost of carbon. It’s a rough dollar estimate of the damage from adding another ton of carbon to the atmosphere — a tally of heat deaths, flooding, wildfires, crop failures and other costs tied to global warming.

Every gallon of gas adds about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, equivalent to about 50 cents in climate damage per gallon, researchers estimate. Accounting for external factors such as congestion, accidents and air pollution, according to one 2007 estimate by Resources for the Future, the damage bill is closer to $3 per gallon.

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