The IPBES Global Assessment: Pathways to Action

The IPBES Global Assessment is a significant milestone for the international scientific community; the critical challenge now is to disseminate and apply its findings at national and local scales where decisions affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services are made.

Journal Article by Mary H. Ruckelshaus, Stephen T. Jackson, Harold A. Mooney, Katharine L. Jacobs, Karim-Aly S. Kassam, Mary T.K. Arroyo, András Báldi, Ann Bartuska, James Boyd, Lucas N. Joppa, Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki, Jill Petraglia Parsons, Robert J. Scholes, Jason F. Shogren, and Zhiyun Ouyang — 1 minute read — Feb. 18, 2020

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Mary H. Ruckelshaus

Stephen T. Jackson

Harold A. Mooney

Katharine L. Jacobs

Karim-Aly S. Kassam

Mary T.K. Arroyo

András Báldi

Ann M. Bartuska

Senior Advisor

James Boyd

Senior Fellow

Lucas N. Joppa

Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki

Jill Petraglia Parsons

Robert J. Scholes

Jason F. Shogren

Zhiyun Ouyang